1. E

    Your English bank account could be closed if you don't have a UK address after Brexit

    As the heading says dose anyone know anything about this? Or is it just a talking point.
  2. G

    Calis open or closed?

    Hi all, Just wandering how things are at the moment, are the bars and restaurants open? Looks like flights from the UK are starting next week.
  3. S

    Closed in Turkey by Erdoğan

    Opera houses, theatres and ballet has been shut down by the state. This happened just over a week ago. The state wants all artists to 'harmonise'... Quite a drastic step to take considering they have so many theatres both ancient and new. How on earth they all get to 'harmonise ' is beyond me...
  4. G

    Has Yalikavak closed?

    Not seen anything on here for ages about the place
  5. Kingfisher

    Milas-Bodrum Airport International Terminal closed

    Bodrum-Milas Airport International Terminal closed as a cost-cutting measure until March 31st 2017. Bodrum Kent Tv - BODRUM-M?LAS HAVAL?MANI DI? HATLAR TERM?NAL? KAPATILDI! .
  6. RedBloodedHound

    Public Interest Lawyers Closed.

    Last three paragraphs: Iraq War: Public Interest Lawyers closes down - BBC News
  7. bal canavar

    With My Eyes Closed

    "With My Eyes Closed” an intriguing look at Istanbul by a New Zealand filmaker Justin Heaney
  8. P

    Yalikavak Market closed??

    Hi All, Just wondering whether the Market in Yalikavak will be closed on Thursday July 16th as I understand that is the end of Ramadan? Thanks Paul.
  9. juco

    Aurum Spa and Beach Resort Hotel,closed

    DIDIM Council has closed one of the newest hotels on the Turkish Aegean Coast over building permit and illegal structure issues. In a statement, released to the media on Tuesday, Didim Municipality said the five-star Aurum Spa and Beach Resort Hotel , at Fevzipasa, near Akbuk, had been 'sealed'...
  10. T

    AKP MPs attack opposition MPs during closed session

    At least five lawmakers have been wounded in a brawl between Turkey’s opposing political parties in the Parliament before the assembly moved to discuss controversial security bill. AKP MP's attack CHP & HDP MP's. AKP MPs attack opposition MPs during closed session - If AKP cannot...
  11. T

    Euro Tunnel Closed!

    Closed until further notice. "Holidaymakers are facing hours of travel misery after all Eurostar trains were cancelled due to a lorry fire in the Channel Tunnel." Eurostar trains cancelled amid fire - BT Sorry, I should have put this info in a travel or motoring/cars forum. can a mod move it...
  12. T

    Closed border again & protests

    Apparently the Turkish have closed the border to stop Kurdish people entering Turkey, guess they only want ISIS inside Turkey. There are protests in Beyoglu Istanbul today protesting about the closed border and about Turkish government's stance regarding ISIS. There are Turkish and Kurdish...
  13. T

    Kurdish schools closed

    Turkish government closed Kurdish schools in Eastern Turkey, AKP declare the schools are illegal. Why is AKP so afraid of the Kurds speaking their own Kurdish language? AKP would probably prefer the children attended schools where learning the muslim religion is compulsory. 'Police have once...
  14. G

    Road closed

    The old road between Migros and Gumusluk is closed. Is it because of roadworks? Anyone who knows when they are ready?
  15. Akasya

    Closed threads , deleted posts

    This forum is free to all users , mods are unpaid volunteers , acting in the " best interests " of the board. It must be soul destroying having to patrol our posts , after a short while it must be so repetitive and in many cases so predictable. None of us have any rights , the owner , Mushtaq...
  16. Mushtaq

    TLF Shop closed down but FREE Classifieds open

    The TLF shop venture didn't do well afterall, so I have decided to close it down for good. The good news is that that there is now a new Classified website just for expats Expat FREE Ad listings Please have a look and use it for anything you might want to sell, swap or give away. Sell your...
  17. Yildez Datca

    Mocca has closed down.

    Mocca restaurant in the harbour closed down last night. :45: Gabrielle and Erdinc are looking for new premises, and will re-open elsewhere if they can find something suitable. However this is not easy in Datca, and rents are ridiculously high, especially for a good position. I'm very sad as...
  18. giglets

    Closed Minds?

    This incident, to be sure, proves how much fanaticism there is among Turkey’s hardcore Kemalists: they cannot tolerate even the slightest positive take about Erdoğan and his party. Those who voice such views, they believe, must be doing this only for immoral reasons. However, these hardcore...
  19. altinkum kev

    Airflights Closed

    Regrettably Airflights Direct UK Ltd has ceased trading and will go into liquidation on 21st October 2013. All customers should contact ABTA on 0845 330 6414.
  20. perfect1949

    the 49ers bar closed

    Got told today the 49ers bar on the sunlight site is closed , sad news I have spent many a good day there in the past . Wish David and Sue all the best for the future . Dave and Shirley
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