1. A

    Close Garanti Bank Account

    I’m wanting to close my Garanti Bank Account and transfer the funds back to my NatWest,Account in the UK. I’ve been able to close the deposit account and transfer the balance to the current account online, but can’t find any way to close the current account and transfer the money to a UK...
  2. P

    Eyelash transplants close to Altinkum help

    Hi everyone Hi everyone. Even though we have owned an apartment for around 10 years this is the 1st forum we have entered into. We are both in our early 60s and enjoy our twice yearly visit to what is our 2nd home in Altinkum. The comlex we are at has had its problems but to be fair less...
  3. 3

    A close call

    I suppose its always been on the cards but its an eye opener as to what the security forces are up against. It was only the other day that Germany announced crime figures were down but this is something new.
  4. T

    Close Topic's or Temporary Bans

    Not aimed at any one individual but; could Admin please consider issuing Temporary Ban's on individuals rather than the closure of what had been for some, interesting & informative threads? This may discourage some of the excesses of unpleasant vitriol repeatedly used by some members. :behindsof
  5. bal canavar

    Qatar ten days to close Al-Jazeera

    Guilty regimes calling out the Guilty regimes... Erdogan trying hard not to upset both sides, but it's not quite working, his leaning is towards to Qatar due to its vast investment into Turkey and the AKP, but another foreign policy catastrophe to add to the list and in the making...
  6. oldfogy

    Ataturk Boulevard will be close tomorrow (Sunday)

    Don't know anything else except the message just over the street loadspeaker according to the pool man who gave me his translation is that: Ataturk Boulevard will be close tomorrow (Sunday)
  7. yalimart

    Parliament to close

    6 years of funding an Islamic bond, and it's a dry house. MPs To Move Out Of Houses Of Parliament MPs To Move Out Of Houses Of Parliament Martin
  8. B

    What time do the shops close

    Hi all. I will probably not get to Kusadasi bus station (Saturday) until around 10:30pm. I remember there is a Tansas opposite. Can anybody tell me what time it closes? I need to get some basics in. If closed where local to there can I try? Also where are good places to go of an evening...
  9. B

    France to close Mosques.

    France likely to close more than 100 mosques - Al Jazeera English Would the UK be allowed to get away with this kind of act? Bill.
  10. TurkInDenmark

    Non touristic place close to Marmaris?

    Hey folks, I'm posting this in the Marmaris forum as it must be the most relevant place. Long story short, me and my GF are about to open a business running from Marmaris. For personal reasons, we can not be living in Marmaris, before the business goes well. So we are looking for a place close...
  11. D

    Kadikalesi Villa with sunset views and close to beach

    Peaceful, well-built, fully air-conditioned and well-maintained three bedroomed semi-detached villa on the outskirts (10 minutes walk) of the village of Kadekalesi on the Bodrum peninsula and situated on a 6 villa complex with shared pool. The villa is on flat ground close to the beach and...
  12. bickern

    Greek and Turkish Cypriots close to agreement

    This could be good news for the Island but reading further down the article: "The dispute has come into sharper focus since the discovery, first by Israel and then by Greek Cyprus, of vast deposits of natural gas in the eastern Mediterranean." Hmm...... Read the full article here. EUROPE -...
  13. B

    Israel/Palestine "peace" talks close to collapse.

    John Kerry tries to rescue Middle East peace talks amid fears of collapse - Telegraph Each side blaming the other. Will there ever be agreement? Bill.
  14. bickern

    Season about to draw to a close

    Well, October is nearly upon us and we will slowly see the restaurants putting the shutters up (well plastic sheeting at any rate). If the greedy ones do not open next season then I for one will certainly not lose any sleep, but I really hope that the genuine traders have made enough to pay all...
  15. bal canavar

    Erdogan bodrum demolition order

    After Erdogan's visit to the Bodrum Peninsula it's been announced that 17 luxury hotels in Yaikavak , Torba, Guverncinlik ,Kaynar and Golturkbuku have been issued with demolition warrants and quit notices to get out. And in a Mugabe moment, Erdogan has been quoted as saying "THE BAYS WILL...
  16. suzyq

    United States to Close Embassies Sunday Over Security Fears

    The United States said it would close an unspecified number of embassies around the world on Sunday over security concerns. State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf on Thursday called the step “precautionary” but declined to specify the threat or list which missions would be closed. “The...
  17. suzyq

    New SGK office opens close to Didim State Hospital

    The new state health insurance base, close tot Didim State Hospital, has now opened. It is understood that expats can now access the SSI base and carry out their SGK insurance procedures without having to go to Soke. However, it might be best to take a long a Turkish friend to translate and...
  18. perfect1949

    how many restaurants and bars will close this year

    I think some restaurants and bars are getting far too expensive these days , for instance there is no way I would pay 11 TL for an efes when I can buy it for 5 TL . So are some restaurants and bars going to price themselves out of business . Dave and shirley
  19. M

    Hotels/apartments close to marina or start of bazaar?

    Hi Does anyone know of any decently priced hotels/apartments or apartments to rent near the marina or the start of the bazaar where the big tansas used to be? Thanks in advance
  20. C

    BMiBaby to close down

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