1. bickern

    Mother who died after a 'bottom lift' at a Turkish clinic

    Such a shame but people forget that surgery of any kind carries grave risk. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A self-conscious mother who died after a £3,000 'bottom lift' at a Turkish clinic was paranoid about her stomach after having...
  2. E

    Good dentist clinic?

    Hi guys, my dentist has just diagnosed me with a root infection and suggests root canal work. He also told me that this looks veeerryy complicated since it`s a very curvy root. The problem is that from his manner he doesen`t seem very confident about the chances of success and I`m scared of...
  3. D

    Clinic in Yalikavak

    Hi everyone, my husband needs weekly checks on his bloods and to have Warfarin prescribed, does anyone know if this will be possible in Yalikavak? I would be glad of any information regarding this. Thank You Dee Dee
  4. J

    Akbuk Clinic

    Yesterday my wife went to the clinic to ask about having a routine blood test, however she never got that far, when she asked the doctor if he spoke any english he answered with a dismissive wave and the word Didim. At first i just thought how rude then i thought how uncaring of a so called...
  5. L

    New Clinic in Yalikavak

    Has anyone in Yali as yet had any experience with the new health clinic in the village? We thought it might be usefull to find out if there is anyone who speaks english there in order that we can discuss our "pre existing conditions" (sorry, back to SGK again) to see if they are covered...
  6. L

    clinic international

    Last Sept I had root canal treatment with Dereya at Clinic International and I need to make an appointment week after next when I am next out. Problem is that I am unable to find the E mail address for the clinic and the receipt doesnt have any contact details. Can someone please post the...
  7. F

    Deva Clinic - Hisaronu/Ovacik

    Good Evening all! Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the Deva clinic in Hisaronu. I know that the Deva clinic offers a membership, but do you have to be a member to use them or can you just pop in? Thanks.
  8. D

    Anyone know a good cadiologist or clinic

    Hi,we need to be able to see a cardiologist,preferably whenever we want to,so probably means going private.Need regular check ups,tests and medication revues.Anybody know of a good local cardiologist or clinic in the area,say Didim?
  9. A

    Monthly Veterinary Clinic

    I have been speaking to my vet who lives in Soke and she would be delighted to run a 'once a month' veterinary clinic here in Akbuk for routine innoculations, consultations, etc. If she is able to find somewhere to do operations, she will do these as well. This has to be good for the area as...
  10. So

    Pet Clinic - Altinkum

    I read in Voices newspaper that Durmus Ali Bulut the Vet has extended his pratice with new equipement such as Xray, ultrasound, something for blood test etc. Fantastic news as it saves you a drive to the animal hospital in Aydin (after all the vets in town have pumped your pet full of a wide...
  11. Ms Who

    Well Women Clinic

    Hi Guys, Didim Belediye have given us their support in raising money for a mobile well womans clinic to service the Didim area. We are also investigating the possibility of running blood drives from it. Our first fundraiser for this is the "Open Day" on 1st of November at the Wedding Salon in...
  12. chris25

    New Dental Clinic in Altinkum

    There is a New Dental Clinic Just opened on Ataturk Bulvari accross from the temple hotel next to maxi tour! The Dentist name is Sevil Pekmezci and the clinic Gentle Dental. She is a fantastic Dentist, her prices are great and her clinic is very clean and modern! I got a check up, clean and...
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