1. E

    Apartment Clearance

    Complete on sale of Apartment this week & everything must go, all good quality furniture etc on Wishing Well Complex
  2. juco

    Is military clearance still required in Turkey?

    I had someone ask me if this was still required, as I am out of touch with the buying procedure is it still required for a complex purchase that has had previous military checks done. If so how long does it now take, the last I read was it was being speeded up. And any cost attached.
  3. C

    House clearance - everything must go!

    Everything for sale - too numerous to list! From decorative items to indoor and outdoor furniture, white goods, soft furnishings, kitchen equipment, tools etc. Villa is in Geriş Altı, Yalıkavak. Please PM me to view or for further details.
  4. stmary

    Military Clearance for buying Turkish property?

    Hi can you please help, how long does it now take for Military clearance to take place before you buy , We live in UK and are british . thank you
  5. R

    Tapu/military clearance

    Hi, does anybody know what it costs for a military clearance search and to add names to a Tapu? Regards, Robbiet
  6. K

    tax clearance cert

    Does anyone know cost of obtain tax clea rance cert so i can close my late fathers accountsi know a lawyer will need to be involved
  7. H

    Buying without military clearance

    Hi I will be buying a villa soon in Kusadasi. We hope to complete the sale in one day or so as it is a Notary Sale. In other words, I will have the papers to say that I have ownership of the property but I will need to wait on the Tapu. I think this is becoming more popular recently because...
  8. C

    house clearance

    got a 2 bed house in armutalan area marmaris and want to sell all household goods would like to sell as job lot if possible 2 beds 5 door wadrobe 2 bedside cab in living room plasma tv 2 x3 settee 2x1 chair excellent quality as new condition coffeee table rug pictures on walls in kitchen fridge...
  9. M

    Repayment of Military Clearance

    A friend has had a letter that states he has to pay M.C. again 300 + lira ,he had M.C 7 years ago, also Tapu and Habitation . This is the story or should I say facts . There was a scam the staff kept the money paid and 10.000 letters are being sent out ,they want the money again . I have seen 3...
  10. djmagic

    Gumbet house clearance

    facebook page says it all.. hope some of you can make it before we return to the uk..
  11. A

    House Clearance

    We are moving to the UK early May and are selling our complete house contents as a complete Lot for £625 OVNO We live near Oren on the Bodrum penninsular, A 25% deposit will secure Below is an inventory Lounge Samsung 32” HD Flat Screen TV Sony HD DVD Player Audio Video Cables Ash Glass...
  12. kale

    Military clearance

    Have I got this wrong Was military clearance. Abolished some time ago Kale Yvonne ,
  13. CKPR

    Military Clearance

    Can anyone advise us how long an application is taking at the moment. Thanks.
  14. B

    Military Clearance and Tapu transfer

    Hi, I have posted in more detail under the Turgutreis forum but briefly I am looking for confirmation that I do not need military clearance to buy in Turgutreis. I know full well the case for employing a lawyer but this is a VERY long story and I also would welcome confirmation that I can go...
  15. B

    Military Clearance

    Hi, It's a long, long story but..................I bought a semi villa in Turgutreis in 1991 but the tapu has been in the name of my Turkish friend ever since. It is now time to transfer the title deed. It cannot be 'gifted' as taxes on that are 40% so he will be the seller and I will be the...
  16. scotssteve

    Military Clearance again

    Here we go on the Didim roundabout again! After being delighted to here and pass on news about the much shorter procedure- we now find that its sometimes- not all the time Seems like luck of the draw as to whether its ten days or not some are- but no guarantees!!! Just a warning regards
  17. K

    Changes to military clearance laws

    Hi, its official the law is changing to speed up military clearance. I hear that at the moment its all suspended while they bring in the new policy, does anyone know if this is still true? Or if it is in effect yet?
  18. M

    Military clearance

    What has happened to monies passed to builders for military clearance? We have not got ours
  19. C

    transport-customs clearance, IZMIR

    as most of you know, i am working in a Belgian transport company. We do carry goods from BE,NL,UK,ESP,POR,TUN,MOR...etc to TR and from TR to those countries. We also do clear the customs of household goods in Izmir. If any of you need transportation, please get in touch with me. And whether we...
  20. L

    Military Clearance costs in Bodrum

    Hi, Does anybody know what the cost of Military Clearance is in the Bodrum area, I have heard it varies from region to region. Thanks
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