1. J

    Question Property Cleaning rates?

    Hi, could anyone tell me how much a 4 bedroom villa would cost to give it a through clean? I've been quoted 1400tl, does this seem steep? Thank you in advance for your replies.
  2. Neil_Denizli

    Cleaning Ninja Needed Bodrum Area

    Just retaken possession of my villa after 3 years rental - and I need a cleaner who isn't afraid to get his or her hands dirty. Not talking sweeping and mopping here - more a really deep clean - insides of cupboards, plug sockets and switches, cracks with accumulated dirt, fridge. Though I'd...
  3. oldfogy

    Floor cleaning

    I just bought one of those Shark s2091 floor steam cleaners (yes a bit old but hardly used and a bargain at £10.00) but wonder if it will be worthwhile taking it over to Turkey and if it will be any good with cleaning the "imitation marble" tile floor. Also if it would be ok to also put any king...
  4. ibrahimwoah

    So my mother likes using hypo...

    Me and my mother went to the biggest Migros in our town and couldn't find any hypo. We go to a shop dedicated to cleaning, we still can't find any hypo! I go online to see if HepsiBurada has hypo, STILL CAN'T FIND ANY HYPO! It's the only type of bleach my mother has found that does little to no...
  5. S

    Airport Transfers and Cleaning

    Can anyone recommend a reliable airport pick up service and give an idea of cost these days. Got guests going out in September. Also will need a one-off clean for the apartment. Again any recommendations and idea of cost would be much appreciated. Thanks all. Sunseeker.
  6. bickern

    Cooking, cleaning and making babies.

    A new documentary on Gloriavale, a segregated Christian community in New Zealand examines what life is like for women in the cult-like community, which is cut off from the rest of the world. A group of about 500 people live near Haupiri on the west coast of the South Island. The sole purpose...
  7. M

    Cleaning Keyboard

    The keyboard on my main computer is driving me potty! A lot of the keys are not registering unless I re-push them. It requires more and more finger pressure to get them to work. I do sweep across it regularly with a soft brush and also have resorted to blowing from one end to the other...
  8. C

    Villa Cleaning & Laundry Services: Recommendations

    Does anyone have recommendations for a good Villa Cleaning & Laundry service in the Gumusluk area. This would be primarily to service holiday lettings throughout the summer season. The main requirements would be that the company (or persons) could communicate in English and accept bookings via...
  9. M


    Yesterday my home got it's annual vacuuming of the carpets. Result? One broken overheated vacuum cleaner, and a second one seems to have lost it's attachments. Hey ho. So I will have to get out the industrial one to finish. Also, continual walking about started the leg cramps, so I...
  10. R

    Window cleaning 4th floor.

    Including the ground floor my apt is five stories up. Have a huge windows in the living room. From floor to ceiling and wall to wall. They are filthy. The complex is brand new. Only two windows open and only swing open about 10 inches or so. Are there window cleaning companies that specialize in...
  11. A

    Carpet Cleaning in Side

    Does anybody know where I could phone in Side to pick up a carpet and have it cleaned please? And approximate cost for this and timing? Thank you.
  12. bal canavar

    Cleaning House

    When Erdogan promised a transparent and clean government, I don't think Turks expected that what he meant was that when alleged graft/bribery and wrongdoing was found.(within the AKP and his own family) 1, He was going to clean up the mess by sacking over 350 police or reassigning the...
  13. L

    Recommended cleaning company??

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good, reliable, honest working cleaning company? For duplex apartment big pre-season clean of floor tiles, wardrobe, laundry.etc. Thanks so much for your assistance guys, really appreciated. Lucian
  14. beyazbayan

    Property cleaning hand over etc.

    İ have a Turkish friend married 35 years to Uk army man and used to european standards has a home Alanaya and moving here in two moths time, perfect English and a clean driving licence can provide references. Has Kimlik so no problems re work permit looking for something contact via me.
  15. D

    Babysitting or house cleaning work?

    Hi guys, I've just joined here but I've been living in Kusadasi for the last six months. I am from Ireland and I was wondering if anybody needed any help with babysitting or looking after house etc.. As winter is coming and its getting quiet I could do with getting out of the house for a bit...
  16. D

    Cleaning Services/Occasional Repairs

    Hi All I have an apartment in the Konacik/Gumbet area and was wondering whether someone on the forum would be able to recommend a reliable competitively priced cleaning company for arrival/departure cleaning for short term lets on my property. Someone who could do the occasional small repair...
  17. perfect1949

    have you done your spring cleaning yet ?

    Me and shirley have not stopped for the last two days , painting cleaning and gardening . have you started yours yet ? . dave and shirley
  18. L

    Dry Cleaning

    Hi, Does anyone know of any dry cleaners here in Alanya please? Have tried looking on the net but no luck. Thanks in advance, Lisa
  19. paddington bear

    Cleaning pool tiles

    Can someone please tell me what the pool tiles should be cleaned with. At the moment our useless gardener is emptying the pool. Last year he cleaned the pool tiles with cif so of course they weren't clean so this year I want to catch him before he starts to "clean" the tiles and tell him...
  20. E

    enviromental and cleaning tax

    ive received a bill for this of late,cleaning of what exactly ? im on a private site that we pay fees to maintain,how are these fees calculated ? do turks pay also ? every week there seems to be something else
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