1. G

    Re: Upright Steam Cleaners

    Re: Upright Steam Cleaners Hi there, could anyone let me know the best upright steam cleaner I can get over here please as our feedback on the best brand would be very helpful. Thank you and look forward to your replies.
  2. B

    Tuzla Park Lake Resort - Reputable Cleaners

    Hello, can anyone point me the in the direction of an independent cleaning company that would do the obvious before/after rentals. I have tried to arrange through the onsite manager but not successful and the service is not as expected. thanks Balinder
  3. C

    Dry Cleaners in Bodrum

    Hi All Does anyone know a reliable dry cleaners in Bodrum? İ am at the Torba end. My last attempt left me with a destroyed coat and a sugestion that it was even my fault because the material should never have been cleaned!!! Clare
  4. maggie

    Dry Cleaners.

    Does anyone in Altinkum know is there a dry cleaners anywhere?PLEASE. Thanks Hugs Maggie xxx
  5. A

    cleaners in Akbuk

    We have had a villa, up the hill from Tansas for about 4 years now and have had pretty good success with rentals. We now find ourselves in need of a cleaner. can anyone recommend one who is reliable in Akbuk? cheers living in Norwich
  6. peter the postie

    Vacuum cleaners

    How much are we looking at for a vacuum cleaner in Altinkum? We were thinking about bringing one over from the UK but is it were worth the trouble?
  7. Pennie

    Window Cleaners

    Does anybody know of anybody that cleans windows in the Akbuk area. I don't want a cleaner, as I prefer to do that myself, and the hubby does the ironing, but I hate cleaning bloody windows. Perhaps an enterprising ex-pat could start a window round. I'm sure he or she would have plenty of...
  8. Danny and Gwen

    Cleaners in Mavisehir Altinkum

    Can anyone recomend a trustworthy cleaner /Key holder for us please. We are renting our villa this year and have heard some bad stuff about giving your keys to people. Danny and Gwen
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