1. Tenpin

    Info Working In Turkey - Hiring Help Around the Home

    Courtesy of Doc Martin © Doc Martin 2017 Disclaimer: The information here is provided as a general guide. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that the information is up to date and accurate, information given here from the Turkish Government, DGMM, GOC, British Consulate & other official...
  2. H

    Wet'n'forget patio cleaner

    Anybody know where, in the mugla/marmaris area I can get hold of this or an equivalent?
  3. G

    Re: Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    Re: Upright Vacuum Cleaner Does anyone have to sell, or do you know anyone who would like to sell a decent, upright British vacuum cleaner? The vacuum cleaners over here are not sturdy enough for the job in hand and have been looking for one for over 5 years. I had a Sinbo cylinder cleaner...
  4. immac

    Stove Flue Cleaner

    I am looking for stove flue cleaner ( like Stovax) in Turkey. Put it onto the fire and it gets rid of the tar/creosote in the chimney. I can import it, but wondering if there is anything available here. Ian

    Cleaner wanted

    I am looking for someone in the Turgutreis area to clean my villa. I am going away for 3 weeks and want everything clean on my return. Any recommendations please?
  6. J

    Dry cleaner

    Hi there, can anyone tell me where Jet Kuru Temizleme is on Ege Caddesi? I drove down there the other day but couldn't find it. I'm told it's the end of the road nearest the main police station. Cheers for any help.
  7. C

    Cleaner required

    Can anyone in Dalyan recommend an honest and trustworthy cleaner or cleaning company as I am looking for someone to clean my 4 bedroom villa between rental guests for 2015. I know there are lots of places providing this service but I would appreciate recommendations for peace of mind. Also what...
  8. N

    Reliable & honest cleaner required

    Hi ...Please can anybody recommend a cleaner, who we could email prior to arriving in Dalaman to clean a 2 bed, 1 bathroom apartment?
  9. G

    Bayrol Bordnet pool cleaner - available in Turkey?

    Hello Folks, Have any of you seen this product in Turkey? I've found it really good at demolishing any tide marks on my pool wall (I have a pool with a liner and it attracts a scum line within a couple of weeks of heavy use). I've had to resort to bringing an occasional bottle out from the UK...
  10. L

    Cleaner rates in Dalyan?

    Can anyone tell me the going rate for a cleaner here in Dalyan please? Just general cleaning and will only be needed for half a day about every 10 days.
  11. merpip

    Carpet cleaner

    Anyone know a shop in Didim or Altinkum where we can get a carpet cleaned please ?
  12. merpip

    Carpet cleaner Didim

    Can any one please tell me if there is a shop in Didim/Altinkum where we can take a carpet to be cleaned ?
  13. D

    Shower Screen Cleaner

    After asking and getting excellent advice about alternatives to Calgon, I'm now turning my attention to the dreaded cleaning of the shower screen! I've tried 'por coz' with limited success. Yes it does remove some of the limescale 'scum', but I can't say it's perfect. Do any TLFers out there...
  14. tomc1984

    oven cleaner

    Anyone recommend a good oven cleaner similar to ovenpride in uk?
  15. beyazbayan

    need a vacuum cleaner service

    Anyone know of a service for vacuums in Alanya mine is getting very noisy but İ don't want to buy a new one as İ hate heavy ones or cylinder types.
  16. A

    Wanted Local cleaner - Near Migros Altinkum

    Can anyone recommend a local cleaner for my apartment at Sunrise (ASEM)? It is a two bedroom place. I did use am ASEM cleaner before and the cleaning wasn't to UK standards!!!! I am looking for someone I can really trust as I need to rent out my apartment so I can afford to have a holiday...
  17. S

    New member - help to find cleaner

    Hi, I,am a new member and not used forums before, so please forgive if I'm posting in the wrong place... I have owned a property in akbuk for Many years, and had many years of problems and good times also. There always seems to be an issue with one thing or another, trying to sort things out...
  18. Tommie

    New cleaner for Ladies

    Are any of you ladies looking for a new cleaner? This guy is very good. Not sure what he charges though.
  19. Yalides

    Vacuum cleaner

    Arcelik vacuum cleaner with all accessories and spare bags. 50TL
  20. niyaz

    Dyson ball ds 24 vacuum cleaner

    We had a skanky vacuum cleaner and it was heavy not doing the job properly. So my other half told me that her back was playing up and if I could hoover the place and half way through I chucked the vacuum cleaner and bought the Dyson at Argos for £220. Tesco retailing at £300. Now we are fighting...
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