1. juco

    CCleaner, clean up duplicates.

    I decided to clean up my PC hard drive although not short of space even after 7 years I had used 214 GB and 717 GB free. However as I do a lot of image and video editing I had duplicates all over the place, so I decided to use CCleaner to find the duplicates. As a result I managed to reduce...
  2. S

    Mc Clean interview

    Excellent interview today on football focus. Very honest decent lad James McClean fans sing his praises for powerful interview as he reveals sickening incidents that led to Sunderland departure -
  3. S

    Pool clean

    Can anyone recommend a reliable pool cleaning and maintenance company in the tuzla/dorteppe region please.
  4. ibrahimwoah

    So my mother likes using hypo...

    Me and my mother went to the biggest Migros in our town and couldn't find any hypo. We go to a shop dedicated to cleaning, we still can't find any hypo! I go online to see if HepsiBurada has hypo, STILL CAN'T FIND ANY HYPO! It's the only type of bleach my mother has found that does little to no...
  5. Firefox

    Clean for Queen

    To celebrate queens 90th birthday all her subjects are urged to clean up Britain. This is a Joke Right?!! Only the very stupid, the hard of thinking and sycophanic oafs who consider the dysfunctional Royal Family as role models will get taken in by this.
  6. beyazbayan

    Med clean up

    On Saturday 10th May a massive 22 country strong effort will commence at 10.00am at the waterfall on Alanya Harbour to clean up the environment. It is aimed to clean up the Mediterranean (Akdeniz) especially the water, beaches and surrounding countryside. If you are in touch with the...
  7. S

    Squeaky clean Tories

    Glad to say we are NOT all in THIS together!!!!! BBC News - Mark Menzies MP quits as aide over newspaper allegations
  8. T

    software to clean up computer?

    Hi I was wondering if there is any good software to clean up my computer to speed it up a bit? Microsoft do a free software I think but is it any good? Any help would be great
  9. B

    Getting warmer - Clean your laptops

    Laptops tend to overheat, especially when the ambient temperature approaches 30C. Internal processor, chipsets, memory and Hard Drive can be damaged ! Having used the laptop during the winter period, dust will have accumulated on the blades of the cooling fan and inside the cooling duct. It is...
  10. bickern

    Can Cold Water Clean Dishes?

    This is for all you germ conscious folks, who worry about using cold water to wash the dishes after a meal. John went to visit his 90 year old grandfather in a very secluded, rural area. After spending a great evening chatting the night away, in the morning, John's grandfather prepared a...
  11. F

    rubbish clean up - world environment day

    Just a note to apologise to anyone looking forward to this years Dalyan rubbish clean up for World Enviroment day. İ am afraid that İ am away at the crucial time and therefore won't be setting it up this year. But next year we will be back on and with a plan to get the Gokbal school involved as...
  12. S

    Mobile man to clean ovens

    I seem to remember some time back that someone was offering a service to clean ovens. Does this service still exist? I would like to know as this is a job I hate doing and also the surrounding tiles. Please let me know the job will be yours if so. :crying: Make me :biggrin:
  13. S

    the streets will never be as clean!

    Long-term unemployed 'made to work' - Yahoo! News UK
  14. babsgood

    clean papers to sell car

    we are in the process of selling our car to a neighbour and are going to the noter etc next week to transfer the car to his name, I know that you have to have 'clean papers' from the tax office to show no outstanding debts etc, does anyone know the proper name for these in Turkish please, I can...
  15. Lillylilly

    Cheap Clean Panysion for one Night?

    Hi does anyone know of a cheap clean Panysion just for one night close to the Samos Ferry in Kusadasi. Thanks.
  16. ceemac

    More Blue Flags and clean beaches expected for Turkey in 2010

    Although Turkey’s peak tourism season is still months away, members of Turkey’s “Blue Flag jury” met last week to determine which tourist hotspots will win the right to fly the Blue Flag this year. Here C
  17. Yalides

    Clean verges

    On the way to Bodrum this afternoon it was nice to see guys with black bin bags picking up all the rubbish on the verges of the hill going up to the rubbish dump. They made a good job of it too. Shame Turks and I suppose Foreigners find it necessary to chuck their rubbish out the window. Would I...
  18. barry budd

    nearly clean

    Don't know if this is just a sick coincidence but.... 2007 - Chinese year of the Chicken - Bird Flu Pandemic devastates parts of Asia 2008 - Chinese year of the Horse - Equine Influenza decimates Australian racing 2009 - Chinese year of the Pig - Swine Flu Pandemic kills hundreds of...
  19. mrkeith

    Fish buy it clean it eat it

    :fish2:Turkey is a country that eats a fair ammount of fish albeit different to how we would in the U.K the principles of buying and storing fish is the same. If you buy fresh fish first check the eyes closely they should be bright and shiney, open the mouth of the fish and smell it's breath as...
  20. Andy

    How to clean stuff

    Good Link Here.
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