1. mollag

    Oven clay pot recipes

    Does anyone have any tips on recipes/ cooking the chicken/kofte clay pot dishes a la, Alo 24 and other Lokantas ?, The Nazar in Turgutreis does a particularly good one lately. Cheers :gulme:
  2. culturevulture

    Topsoil or Good quality clay......?

    I am looking for about 2-3 sacks of topsoil or good quality clay. I want to start potting up some Spring bulbs. I have on other occasions used the Toprak available in the Supermarkets, but I find any watering or feeding done on the flowers, just goes straight through. Do you have or know anyone...
  3. G

    Clay Pigeon Shooting

    Does anyone know of a Clay Pigeon shooting club in the Bodrum area ?
  4. S

    New Member (Steve & Elaine Clay)

    Hi, We have bought an apartment in Altinkum near the temple of Apollo. Hoping to get out in August to at least put a couple of beds in. Hobbies include Diving, sailing and flying. Elaines hobbies are sunbathing and shoping for shoes and handbags. On completion we like a beer or G&T. Are...
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