1. S

    Which class

    Often see rows on here with accusations of members being fascist, liberals, etc etc. I reckon these days it's actually very hard to nail down where on the political spectrum people really are because standpoints have changed so much it's not straightforward to assign labels anymore Similarly...
  2. bickern

    Many middle class wives beating up their husbands

    Why are so many middle class wives beating up their husbands? FEMAIL explores why women are lashing out at their partners - and the horrifying consequences. Royal Navy Leading Seaman Simon Smith lost six pints of blood after his ex-wife Crystal plunged a knife twice into his back and once into...
  3. Spurs

    Class of 92

    Not particularly a fan Man Utd but I am a fan of good football & the film "Class of 92" shows how good those Man Utd lads were.
  4. K

    New Beginners' Class in Manchester Area

    Merhaba, I am pleased to announce that we are opening yet another Turkish Beginners´ Class in Didsbury this September. The new course is designed for absolute beginners, starting from the very beginning like the Turkish alphabet and basic sound production in Turkish. If you are interested...
  5. Yalides

    Middle class benefits cheat

    Middle-class benefits cheat who had £300,000 in Swiss bank account locked up over fears she was planning to flee to Russia to evade jail - and had started moving money to Moscow  | Daily Mail Online They are all at it.... I have taken into account its in the Mail so probably not true.:(
  6. D

    Zumba /exercise class in Didim /Akbuk area.

    Recently moved here to Akbuk. Does anyone know of any classes running in the area or even starting again after the summer. Zumba / salsa or similar. Ta. Maggie.
  7. beyazbayan

    First class meal

    Wonderful steak at Elite restaurant Dalmlataş Alanya, good food good wine and life music. Highly recommended.
  8. M

    Where can I find a Turkish cooking class in London?

    Where can I find a Turkish cooking class in London?
  9. R

    DO NOT MISS!!! Çiğköfte Cooking Class!!! Come, cook and taste!

    DO NOT MISS!!! Çiğköfte Cooking Class!!! Come, cook and taste! The Lion Restaurant (Tosmur, Alanya) invites you to the Çiğköfte Cooking Class: - Learn how to make Traditional Turkish Çiğköfte - Learn the secrets of the Turkish Cuisine Place: The Lion Restaurant Date: 16 of March 2014, Sunday...
  10. S

    What class are you

    Whilst this is specific to British people I am sure all nationalities on Tlf can give it a go. What class are you? BBC News - The Great British class calculator: What class are you?
  11. mamish

    Turkish lessons in Turgutreis

    The Belediye has started Turkish lessons about 5 weeks ago. I joined the class for the first time today and it's held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 4-6.30pm. I was going to Gumbet - Bodrum Belediyesi Kadem - but the journey has been so bad lately with the main road closed and most of...
  12. Andywebb

    So What Class are you in?

    This is the link to the story at the BBC: BBC News - Huge survey reveals seven social classes in UK Now take the test: BBC News - The Great British class calculator: What class are you? Me I'm good old working class :w00t:
  13. J

    Private Turkish teacher or turkish class required

    hi I am looking to expand my Turkish does anyone know of any person or class that is willing to help me with my Turkish please. I so want to hold conversations with y in laws and family.
  14. K

    New Beginners' Class in Manchester

    Merhaba everyone, We are opening a new Beginners' Class in Didsbury next week. It is going to be on Monday evenings between 18:30 -20:00 If you are interested, please contact Manchester Language School and secure your place as we have limited availability. Korhan
  15. N

    Turkish Beginners Class

    The new Turkish beginners class will be started soon in Uzumlu... Pls contact me by PM for further information if you like to join in our enjoyable lessons... Thanks & regards, Neylan BROCK
  16. guzzigeezer

    UK Elddis 300 A Class - 2.0 Petrol + LPG for Sale in Turkey

    After much soul searching, I've decided to put my trusty home for the last 8 months up for sale. Photos of the camper are on this link. please pm me for link as this website will not let me post links At the moment she is in Kas, Turkey but I shall be heading back to the UK at the end of April...
  17. arrian

    Price increase Ist class stamps

    from April 30 the cost of a first class stamp rise to 60p, for a second class service. Royal Mail Raises Stamp Prices By Up To 40% - Yahoo! Finance UK
  18. L

    First Class Hotel

    Hve been looking at a February holiday in the First Class Hotel in Alanya, 5*, it seems quite a way from the centre, does anyone have any info on this hotel, and if we do b&b is there plenty of places to eat out at, and is it close to the dolmus stop, thanks, Sharon:95im:
  19. B

    Altinkum Class Pub?

    Well we are well on our way to our new up market image, new sea front, underground electrics, new five star hotels and the latest winner WAIT FOR IT, "The Dogs Bollocks Fun Pub" yep thats its name is that catchy or what!! I cannot believe they will get away with it, can you just imagine...
  20. N


    I am glad to say merhaba/hi to dear Turkish Living members... Will try to be helpful in especially Turkish laws, rules, latest news which is important for the expats and of course share my experiences... My main job was banking & public relation even had a degree in economics...but retired now...
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