1. D

    E visa clarification

    Just a quick question to clarify my e visa. I got a evisa from 15 th may to 10 nov I went to turkey from 15 th may to 13th June and will go again from 9th sept to 14th oct.. Just wanted to confirm I can use same visa ..thanks
  2. J

    Clarification (and help) needed!!

    I wonder if somebody can help me out here? On a Facebook group I am a member of, someone queried the whole visa and 90 in 180 days. I responded by telling people what I had read on here about the new arrangements whereby the "count back" system was now being used. (I have read where this is...
  3. Mushtaq

    Role of TLF - some clarification

    I have had many emails, PMs and questioned on the forum about why TLF is not doing more to help the people who have lost money in various scams in Turkey. I would like to try to explain my stance and reasons behind it. There are a few other sites on the net which 'expose' dodgy builders...
  4. N

    Clarification about local phone numbers

    Could someone please clarify for me the correct local phone numbers, when phoning or texting in Turkey with a UK mobile, connected to Turknet. With +90 or 009(0) numbers ..... does one just dial 0 and then the number ie 0 252........ Thanks Nick
  5. maggie

    Clarification of Date of Change.!!!!

    Right as the other threads appear to be getting clogged; Question 1 .When does or did this new visa ruling come into place.? Question 2.If you have not got one of the new stamps in your passport can you again to one more Visa run to Kos or will they refuse you entry here on your return...
  6. ceemac


    Another Burkha thread closed - I appreciate the arguments have all been rolled out before but can I have clarification on this please. This latest burkha thread, although about the same issue as before, is a latest and different content news story. If another country bans this or something...
  7. D

    deeds clarification

    has any members read on voices the deeds clarification article . it may interest those whose box is ticked in wrong place davido
  8. jewel

    Clarification needed !!

    Hi can anyone clarify something for me,I live on a complex of 28 Villa's and for the past 6 years the has always been responsible for the site maintenance.Everyone was happy with this situation though we had no formal paper work with him,however last year a new Guy moved on site and got chatting...
  9. T

    Clarification of hab and update pretty please!

    Hello, I have loads of questions, so apologies for length of post, We are due to go out to our villa in a couple of weeks, the villa is on a site of 10 detached villas all with own pools and one of them. So would they be classed individually ? we have parcel no 7, on our Tapu (Irtafaki). Also...
  10. labman

    Irtifaki clarification please

    Hi all, I know there are many posts on the forum for this subject but I would love to get a definative answer if I can. I have my Tapu but with only the Kat Irtifaki box ticked, there must be many people in the same situation. I read a reply on Voices a few weeks ago, possibly more...
  11. G

    Clarification of the rules please.

    On this forum I have heard calls for the complete abolition of human rights. I have heard calls for the reintroduction of the death penalty, for castration as a form of punishment, for deportation of Muslims from Britain and for torture. I have read the denial of God and the very frequent use of...
  12. C

    Clarification .... who can drive what?

    Hiya everyone I have heard lots of conflicting info about cars and ma plates and who can drive them etc so was just wondering if anyone can provide me with any clarification I am British, married to turkish man, living here in Turkey and we are looking to buy a car soon. It is my...
  13. murdo

    Utility Clarification

    I've read the various postings and want to check I am on right lines before speaking to my agent. So is this right.. ...electricity readings are done monthly in Turkey (would agent have this type of breakdown for individual apartments/residencies on a complex, when habitation cert not yet...
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