1. C

    Any information please - Claire Louise Tatlici

    Hello we are new to this forum and was directed here through search engines as we were trying to locate Clare Louise Taclici from Turksih Homes. We know the company no longer exists but we were advised that she is now living in England. We have seen a thread in this forum dated last August...
  2. P

    Claire Rayner.

    Agony aunt Claire Rayner has died.She made it into cockney rhymeing slang,Claire Rayners = trainers. BBC News - Agony aunt Claire Rayner dies at 79
  3. S

    Sorry Claire from Asem

    My most sincere apologies to Claire. I should not have posted the thread I did and requested the moderator to remove it earlier today. Apologies to fellow members as well.
  4. madturkishcow

    Hello Claire

    Iyi akĂžamlar Claire :D Welcome to the wonderful world of useful information,silly web-sites and a whole bunch of warm,witty,intelligent people ;) Please feel free to wander around,open our cupboards and be nosey :) A nice cool Efes to get you in the mood. Jen :D[}:)][8D]
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