1. bickern

    First Chinese city to ban consumption of cats and dogs

    Shenzhen becomes first Chinese city to ban consumption of cats and dogs. Shenzhen, in southeastern China, has become the first city in the country to ban the consumption of cats and dogs, the government announced Thursday. Under new rules which will come into effect May 1, the government said...
  2. Jaycey

    Stricken polar bear turns up in Siberian city, hundreds of miles from home

    A starving polar bear has strayed hundreds of kilometres from its natural Arctic habitat and wandered, exhausted, into the major Russian industrial city of Norilsk in northern Siberia...
  3. suzyq

    12 million square meter tourism city in Bodrum

    Turkey’s Ağaoğlu Group has said it signed a letter of intent with investors from China and Hong Kong to build a 12 million square meter tourism city in the Aegean resort of Bodrum. In a statement on Sept. 15, the company said the tourism city, which will be Europe’s largest when it is...
  4. Mushtaq

    Can a hidden underwater city bring tourists back to Turkey?

    Off the coast of the Turkish city of Antalya lies the small uninhabited island of Kekova. It’s a beautiful and tranquil place, with water a jewelled shade of blue. It’s also fragrant, as “Kekova” derives from the Turkish word for thyme. But the island is perhaps best known for its curious...
  5. bickern

    Istanbul world’s most beautiful city

    Istanbul remains world’s most beautiful city Turkey today might be doing its best to pave over Istanbul in concrete, but the city continues to resist, maintaining its status as the most beautiful in the world, said prominent travel writer and guide Saffet Emre Tonguç. “Despite everything...
  6. S

    Looking for apartment in Gold City Alanya

    Hi, I'm looking for cheap 2 bedroom apartment with pool view in Gold City Alanya.
  7. T

    Turkey seizes ALL Christian churches in city and declares them 'state proper

    Islamist Turkey seizes ALL Christian churches in city and declares them 'state property' | World | News | Daily Express Any opinions on this move?
  8. Firefox

    London Most Islamic City

    I 've been saying this for years here More people go to Friday prayers in Londonistain then English people go to church in the whole of England. London ?more Islamic? than Muslim world ? scholar - Telegraph
  9. suzyq

    FCO now advise against all travel to the city of Diyarbakir

    The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) advise against all travel to within 10 km of the border with Syria and to the city of Diyarbakir. The FCO advise against all but essential travel to: the remaining areas of Sirnak, Mardin, Sanliurfa, Gaziantep, Diyarbakir, Kilis and Hatay provinces...
  10. ali türkmen

    Looking to buy three city bicycles

    Hi. I want to buy 3 city bicycles. Two for adult ( male and female ) and one for boy ( 8-12 age ) . Thank you.
  11. bickern

    A City Where Everyone Works

    “We need to rethink our values, the consumer society, the value we place on money, selfishness and individualism,” A City Where Everyone Works, There Is No Police, And The Salary Is 1200 Euros. A City Where Everyone Works, There Is No Police, And The Salary Is 1200 Euros | Peaceful Warriors...
  12. juco

    City Link

    I wonder what he really means..... Will it be a case of get down the job center and start jumping through hoops !
  13. Spurs

    City Link SKINT

    If your awaiting a parcel via City Link, you need to contact them ASAP. BBC News - City Link parcel delivery company goes into administration
  14. bickern

    The English city that wanted to 'break away' from the UK

    A very interesting read and photos. Loony left, now what ever happened to them. :ballchain:noidea: :rolleyes: :happy: :loco: Thirty years ago left-wingers in Liverpool, bitterly opposed to Margaret Thatcher, attempted to oppose central government and go their own way. It's not just the accent...
  15. bickern

    Photographs capture the devastating 1996 IRA bomb in Manchester city centre

    Harrowing and emotive photographs capturing the aftermath of the 1996 IRA bomb in Manchester have been released for the first time. The archived images show the shocking extent of the destruction caused by the bomb, which devastated the city center and showered shoppers with masonry and glass...
  16. Hurrem

    Living in the big city Istanbul

    Merhaba :) Im the new one on the forum :) I create a post, because i have a lots of questions about living in Istanbul ,in fact thinking about it. Im 20 years old girl, living in Slovenia. I work as a receptionist, but my profession is dental technician. My first question is, if i want to live...
  17. D

    Gold City Alanya

    Hi all I am looking to sell a 1 bed apart villa in gold city at a cheap price. It has beautiful sea views. Tapu in order and selling direct so no agent fees. Anyone interested for quick sale?
  18. B

    New York City explosion.

    BBC News - One dead as New York City building collapses after blast If this report is true then the conspiracy theorists will have a field day. Bill.
  19. M

    Uk city of culture 2017

  20. Yalides

    Worst town, city in UK

    Crap Towns Returns poll: Hemel Hempstead tops ugliest list, now votes are open to find dullest | Mail Online Which would be your choice ?
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