1. E

    Lebanese man loses his German citizenship at the last minute.

    Lebanese man loses his German citizenship at the last minute refusing to shake the hand of the lady giving him his certificate for citizenship. Good enough for him.
  2. Camden

    Hong Kong UK citizenship offer.

    The UK could offer British National (Overseas) passport holders in Hong Kong a path to UK citizenship If China does not suspend plans for a security law in the territory, UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab says. There are 300,000 BNO passport holders in Hong Kong...
  3. G

    Citizenship or Residency

    Hi everyone can anyone tell us which is better e.g good and bad points of the two Citizenship or Residency. Thank you so much for your help.
  4. H

    Turkish Citizenship to foreigners

    So as Friday the 13th approaches we are having to assess our various options as Disabled Pensioners living in the UK. "With the new regulation which was declared on September 18th, Republic of Turkey grants citizenship to foreigners who make 250,000 $ property investment." The time is fast...
  5. H

    New turkish citizenship

    HI EVERYBODY ..:emot150ms:emot150ms MY NAME IS DR.HASSAN .. IAM NEWHERE IN THIS NICE ,HELPFUL SITE... THIS THREAD FOR SHARING the experiences and information regarding the new law of Turkish citizenship .. I hope that will get your admiration and your reaction...:438qr:
  6. J

    Turkish Citizenship and Turkish Passport

    Hi there Can anyone tell me who has got Turkish citizenship if they have a period of grace before they have to get the Turkish passport? Also I can't see any benefit of taking on a Turkish name as no doubt this would cause confusion when travelling to other countries if the names are different...
  7. K

    Citizenship for Sale

    Interesting update. New Turkish citizenship rules to encourage investment
  8. M

    Travel for dual citizenship

    Hi, I was born in turkey from Turkish mother, Also I had old Turkish ID & passport then I travelled to Jordan at age of 6. Then I had Jordanian ID & passport, & just now I RENEWED my Turkish ID from Turkish embassy without passport at age of 33. 1- Should I renew my Turkish passport before...
  9. B

    Swiss citizenship.

    Swiss anger at Muslim boys over female handshake snub - AJE News Are the Swiss right to suspend the Citizenship Process for the family of these two boys? Bill.
  10. suzyq

    Turkish citizenship

    Citizenship For Property Buyers Sorry, I know this was discussed earlier but can't find the thread now. Turkish Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci has revived an idea to grant citizenship to foreigners who buy a certain amount of property in the country. “The amount of property bought [by...
  11. D

    Buy Turkish property, get free citizenship!

    This is part of an article in KTLN “News is emerging of a proposal to introduce a new law in Turkey, granting foreigners who buy a property the same rights as Turkish citizens. Turkey's Minister of Economic Affairs, Nihat Zeybekci, is reported as saying that this law would be introduced some...
  12. bickern

    Johnson 'intends to renounce US citizenship'

    Amazing what being hit in the pocket does for you, but go for it Boris. :boink: BBC News - Boris Johnson 'intends to renounce US citizenship'
  13. M

    Turkish Citizenship and Military Service

    Hi all, I am currently trying to decide if the pro's outweigh the cons in relation to taking Turkish citizenship. I am a 29 y/o male, married to a Turk for the last 3 years and thinking of taking Turkish citizenship to stop me having to apply for residency permits and work permits every few...
  14. Kingfisher

    Taking Turkish citizenship

    I found this article very interesting. It dates from Jan 19th 2015 Caveat: it is the personal experience of a single woman (Pat Yale, ex-columnist for the Zaman) living in Nevşehir. Your own region may apply the rules differently and this may not apply to your own personal situation but it is...
  15. K

    Need a good citizenship lawyer

    Hi Everyone, Long story short, my wife's grandfather (passed away) is originally from Izmir. From what I know, her mom and her should be eligible for citizenship in Turkey. I have heard of many people obtaining citizenship in Turkey that way. I am wondering if anyone knows a good lawyer that...
  16. LyndaW


    OK so we now have the list and I realise we need to send my birth certificate to Milton Keynes. The problem is my marriage book is in a different name to birth certificate as I kept my married name after divorce. Can anyone advise on what to do Lynda
  17. LyndaW

    Turkish citizenship

    Does anyone has a list of docs needed by nufus ofis for citizenship. Thanks Lynda
  18. J

    Turkish Citizenship

    Hi there, just wondered if anybody who has gained Turkish Citizenship knows whether you need to have a reading and writing certificate. Many thanks.
  19. bickern

    British terror suspects can be stripped of their citizenship

    The Home Secretary has announced a last-minute change to the Immigration Bill so British terror suspects can be stripped of their citizenship, even if it leaves them stateless. It comes as the Government faces a significant backbench rebellion later as Conservative MPs call for tougher measures...
  20. S

    applying for turkish citizenship

    Hi there. Has anyone applied for their turkish citizenship from the uk? I applied last week and had my interview. They said i should hear within 6 months. People have said it has taken some over 1 year to obtain. Not sure if this is from turkey or uk. We move there in September so need if for...
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