1. S

    Postpone military service

    Hi there, I would like to postpone my military service. I raised and born outside Turkey so I don't know how such procedure can be done. Can anyone guide me to where I need to go or what I should do. I appreciate any help.
  2. I

    Visa to Uk for turkish citizen

    Hey all, probably wrong topic to post on. I'm looking for some info regarding a turkish citizen applying for a visa to live in uk. We are wanting to set up life in uk after we marry, i know what we legally need but I'm struggling with any other relevant information. Has anyone on the site...
  3. H

    Turkish citizen visas

    Hey guys can you help I'm englush and just married my Turkish husband we want a honeymoon in January but as he is Turkish want to go somewhere with out the need to apply for a visa Where can Turkish citizens go easily I have heard Asia is easy but is there anywhere else he is also yet to do...
  4. B

    UK visa for Turkish citizen who already has shengen visa

    Hi everybody, Has anyone experience how to get a UK visa for a Turkish citizen which already has a shengen (EU) visa? In september we will visit Belgium and my wife has a shengen visa valid till end of october 2014. We would like to visit her sister in London for 1 or 2 days. As she has an...
  5. K

    Long-term Residence Permit for A U.S. citizen

    Greetings to everyone; I need advice on following 3 questions: 1- According to several posts in this forum EU and UK citizens could be eligible for long-term (Touristic) Residence Permit up to 3 and 5 years . Does this rule also apply to U.S. citizens. 2- Who's eligible for "UZUN SÜRELİ...
  6. N

    Anyone married to a Turkish Citizen?

    Sorry I didn't really know where to put this. Anyway my wife is Turkish and I am trying to get her an EU family permit or what ever they are called. All the info online says they should be free, quick and easy but none of the consulates want to give a damn... Anyone have any experience in...
  7. K

    Turkish citizen's UK residency terms

    My hubby and I met and married in the UK. He aquired a UK indefinite leave to remain (resident's visa) in 2006. We came to Turkey in April 2011 because he lost his job in the UK and we couldn't make ends meet. We didn't get around to applying for UK citizenship for him, mainly because it is...
  8. P

    Turkish Citizenship for a citizen of Northern Cyprus

    Does anyone know the process for a citizen of TRNC to apply for Turkish citizenship. I've read a (bad) English translation of Turkish Citizenship Law and it simply states that a TRNC citizen can become a Turkish citizen by putting a request in writing - not so it seems. I have a friend trying...
  9. A

    Sponsorship for Turkish Citizen to UK

    I am british, and my partner is turkish and we have been together for two years now. Hes only been living with me for 7 months now in the UK We are hoping to marry in September 2011, and he is subject to immigration control and i want him to come home with me. From my end, im struggling to...
  10. F

    Visa run question - non EU citizen

    Hello everybody I am English and my partner is Ukrainian. We are both here on 3 month tourist visas, and have to renew soon. My question is - it is easy for me to do a visa run to Greece, but my partner does not have a Greek visa. Is it possible for her to exit Turkey on the boat from say...
  11. pineapple1

    Can i become a citizen now ?

    Now that i have been married to my Turkish hubby over 4 yrs can i now become become a turkish citizen , ...I know i will need RP , I have a Turkish bank account , Plus if can become become a citizen is that dual nationality or do i give up my English passport , .........Diane
  12. Joe in Tasucu

    Citizen Joe.

    I haven't been around on this forum for a while but I'm back now, so - Hi. Again. Anyway I just thought I'd post that I now have dual nationality - I am a Turkish citizen! I'll now spend some time catching up on what's been going on here.
  13. S

    citizen number

    I'm sorry if this isn't in the right place, or the right forums, But i can't seem to find the information any where and this looks like the only place i could ask. My mom is a citizen of Turkey but she has been living in the US for 30 years or so, and would like to get the new citizen number...
  14. K

    US citizen requires Long rental let. Bodrum area.

    Family of 3 require a long let 1 to 2 years in 3 bedroom preferably non furnished apartment or Villa in the Bodrum, Turgetreis or Yalikavak while working in the area. Pool would be good but not essential. Villa required on or about 1st September 08.
  15. L

    Visa for an Australian citizen

    I am an Australian citizen living in the UK can anyone advise of the cost of a visa and confirm that I can get it on entry (reasonably sure of the latter but unable to find the cost anywhere). Thanks
  16. denise bannell

    How to become a Citizen....

    Re: Definitive property buying guide for Turkey.... Need to know how to become a citizen, Also about medical and taking my hearing guide dog with me. Will be moving next May 2006 also want to take my furniture with me. Not asking for much! Den :kafa:
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