1. yalimart

    Best cities to live in

    Seattle has a great market and a superb pub that shows premier games, San Francisco is very hilly but you can get great clam chowder a ferry to Napa for the wine tasting, but do they rate above Manchester ? No, and with good reason, then at the bottom you have the obvious places like Damascus...
  2. lilOlympi

    Best cities to go too?

    Hi, I am turning 18 over summer, and plan to do some traveling, I am going to Cyprus then I wanted to go to Turkey, I wanted to visit the capital and Trabzon for sure, but I was wondering if there is any must see places that are not well known by "tourist" that anyone here could help me out...
  3. J

    Top ten world cities to visit 2016

    Only one from the UK..... Hull named among Rough Guides' 10 cities to visit in 2016 | Home News | News | The Independent
  4. suzyq

    Turkey in state of alarm against ISIL attacks in big cities

    As reports of members of the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) being seen in various parts of the country appear in the media, the Intelligence Unit of the Security General Directorate (EGM) has issued a warning for all the 81 provinces to be on guard against 22 bomb-loaded...
  5. beyazbayan

    Most Uk cities?

    We can't keep Manchester safe, says police: Leading officer says city centre is 'too dangerous' after midnight because of Labour's 24-hour drinking laws Read more: We can't keep Manchester safe, says police: Leading officer says city centre is 'too dangerous' after midnight because of Labour's...
  6. juco

    Riots in 53 Spanish cities

    Going from the info this happened a couple of days ago but I never saw a mention of this on the BBc news. Are they trying to keep this from us? Some serious clashes. - Riots In Spain
  7. Mushtaq

    Violent clashes erupted in more than 30 Turkish cities

    Violent clashes erupted in more than 30 Turkish cities on Tuesday night as anger boiled over at the teenager's death. Turkish police fire teargas at crowds mourning boy injured in protests Berkin Elvan, 15, died after spending 269 days in a coma caused by being struck on the head by teargas...
  8. geordie_nev

    Byzantium: A Tale of Three Cities

    "Byzantium: A Tale of Three Cities", a new three part series for anyone who can get BBC4 is starting on Thursday: Simon Sebag Montefiore charts the rise of Istanbul from pagan trading post to capital of three empires and two religions, becoming not only holy but the most coveted city in the...
  9. suzyq

    No more malls needed in Turkey’s big cities

    There appears no need for new shopping malls in Turkey’s big cities, such as the one earmarked for the Taksim Gezi Park area in Istanbul, as the number of malls has increased normal standards considerably and more are being abandoned each day, according to sector experts. “Turkey’s big cities...
  10. suzyq

    German cities plead for help from Berlin

    Cities in Germany have warned that ‘social peace’ there is at risk due to an influx of economic migrants from Bulgaria and Romania. In a stark warning to the UK, reports tell of an epidemic of illegal working, chaos in schools because so many children can’t speak German, and an alarming...
  11. bickern

    Islamic extremists set up Sharia law controlled zones in British cities

    Islamic extremists have launched a poster campaign across the UK proclaiming areas where Sharia law enforcement zones have been set up. Communities have been bombarded with the posters, which read: ‘You are entering a Sharia-controlled zone – Islamic rules enforced.’ Read more: Islamic...
  12. ceemac

    Fraudulent activity on title deeds -- Bodrum and other cities

    'I have received several e-mails about undelivered title deeds (tapu) and tried to respond to these e-mails in a general sense. However, I am now concerned that this matter is becoming even more serious. I landed at Bodrum airport last week for a business trip and to follow up on my own real...
  13. ceemac

    Britain's Least Attractive Towns And Cities For Visitors

    It has been revealed that Bradford in Yorkshire is the city travellers least want to visit as it is deemed "dangerous, ugly and boring". Here C
  14. S

    Tiger cities in Turkey

    I read an interesting article in a Belgian Newspaper, about "Muslim democrates count on new mid class" In this article they talk about 5 "Tiger cities" : Bursa, Denizli, Izmit, Kayseri and Gaziantep Those cities are called like that because they made a remarkable jump forward regarding...
  15. S

    Driving in Ankara and other Turkish cities

    I have been told that driving in Turkey can be very dangerous. How true is this? Right now, I work as a driver, and would be interested in doing that in Turkey...but not if my life were going to be in serious jeopardy...:) How are the roads? How is driving? How dangerous is it compared to a mid...
  16. C

    UK cities from Izmir/Bodrum

    Folks I need to nip out to Altinkum in late January for 2-4 days. As I am in Northern Ireland direct flights are restricted. I was hoping to do some generic search so I can find out what companies/airports in the UK go into Bodrum or Izmir or more importantly return to the UK from these...
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