1. M


    Does anyone know the public transport route to Cirali from Side?? I have a friend there and hope to visit.
  2. J

    Protest on Cirali beach

    Just saw this on the main news tonight. It was a very short report and it took me by surprise so I couldnt catch all the details except that 18 donums (about 4.5 acres) of 'protected' beachfront land has been rented out for touristic purposes. The local villagers, God bless them, are very...
  3. S

    Weather in Cirali

    Hi We are going to Cirali in a weeks time. What is the weather like at the moment? Has it started to improve from the previous couple of weeks. Many thanks Sunshine
  4. Harem

    Cirali's Birthday

    Just noticed that it is Carrie's birthday today. Sorry my Happy Birthday wishes are late, Carrie, but hopefully not too late. :pressie::pressie::pressie:
  5. Harem

    Happy Birthday Cirali (Carrie)

    Happy Birthday Carrie, hope you have a lovely day. :pressie: :pressie: :pressie:
  6. Harem

    Cirali's Birthday

    Happy Birthday Carrie. Hope you have a good one. :pressie: :pressie: :pressie:
  7. Pennie

    Cirali's hotel

    I've spent the last few weeks chatting generally to Carrie aka Cirali, and it turns out, she and her husband have a hotel in Cirali, hence the name. She's just sent me the link, and I think it's well worth a look. Some of the pictures are absolutely stunning...
  8. shirleyanntr

    independent travel article about cirali this links to an article about Cirali and the Chimaera..its a nice read
  9. shirleyanntr

    and heres another one - Cirali Village

    there is a village called Cirali in an area of outstanding beauty, not far from Antalya and so within easy reach (haha give or take a few hours) of members living on the agean coast. this little gem is quiet and relaxing great beach for kids with clear unpolluted water. The ruins of the ancient...
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