1. bal canavar

    German cinema shooting

    Germany shooting: man 'killed after opening fire at cinema near Frankfurt' A masked gunman entered the Kinopolis cinema in Viernheim, near Frankfurt, with reports of at least 25 people injured, possibly from tear gas...
  2. SonnyJim

    Blue Habour Cinema Program

    Does anyone know if there is a website with the Blue Harbour cinema program that is updated regularly? Thanks
  3. P

    Turgutreis Marina Cinema

    Can anyone tell me how i can find out what films are showing Turgutreis Marina Cinema? I will be in Turgutreis for a week from the 18th June and hoping to be able to experience the outdoor cinema as missed out last time. Many Thanks
  4. FinalCall

    Current/recent cinema listings

    Would anyone know if it is any reason other than coincidence that the Turkish cinemas for the past 8weeks have had hardly any on-Turkish movies showing? Despite a few high rated recent foreign releases, the same Turkish movies are been shown week after week... (Exception "Jack" and "OZ" neither...
  5. mrkeith


    Can anyone tell me if films in origionally English are sutidled or dubbed over at either of the cinemas when showing films please?
  6. P

    Open Air Cinema

    Hi all, We've heard that films are being shown at the amphitheatre in Yalikavak Marina. I've checked the marina website which says there are currently showing films every Wednesday at 21.30, but their schedule gives Sunday dates. Does anyone know what the actual schedule is, admission prices...
  7. J

    Kuşadası cinema

    Hi there, just wondered if anyone knows what the showing times are for the new Terminator film. I know it started today, but the website has changed and I'm not sure where to find the viewing times! Thanks in anticipation.
  8. J

    Kusadası cinema

    I'm having problems getting onto the cinema's website. Can anyone help?
  9. Andy

    Free Cinema Tickets Free tickets to Mongol - The Rise to Power of Ghengis Khan The film is showing on the 21st may at 8.45pm, tickets are going fast, so be quick Award-winning Russian filmmaker Sergei Bodrov (Prisoner of the Mountains) illuminates the life and...
  10. shazyboy

    the new cinema in didim

    i just read an artical in the altinkum voice about a new cinema being constructed on the didim to akbuk mentions that it will also have a retail zone with coffee shops and other stores.It will be a great boost for the area and for the people.does anyone have any latest news on this project?
  11. T

    Cinema in Oasis, Bodrum

    Anyone know where to get the program on line? (in English) I tried this site, but no details available: We're heading over to Bodrum next week, and determined to get to the cinema, we never seem to have the time at home! Sad - I know...
  12. N

    Open Air Cinema in Yali

    Hiya Can anyone tell me when the open air cinema starts showng films this year? Parents coming out to stay in our apartment 15th May and friend coming out the week after.
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