1. Tenpin

    Electronic cigarettes to be banned totally

    Government attempting to kill tourism again. Electronic cigarettes to be banned totally: Minister - Turkey News Electronic cigarettes in*Turkey*will be banned completely, Health Minister*Fahrettin Koca*has said. The ministry is working on a number of new regulations and law amendments, Koca...
  2. P

    Low Tar Cigarettes

    Can anyone advise me which brands of cigarettes in Turkey are low tar either 3 or 4 mg please. Many thanks.
  3. A


    does anyone know how much lambert and butler cigarettes are for 200 in leeds bradford duty free or on jet 2 flight or bodrum duty free please thanks
  4. I

    E cigarettes

    I see that the UK are now going to ban using E cigs in public now! After trolling through the report I see that the report states that there is nothing harmful in the steam ejected when someone uses these. In fact the report concludes that there is nothing of harmful level...
  5. juco

    For smokers, cheap cigarettes?

    For those that smoke it appears you can buy duty free on line at much reduced cost compared to uk prices. Anyone ever used it?
  6. suzyq

    France to ban electronic cigarettes from all public places

    France is set to ban electronic cigarettes from public places and subject them to he same tight controls as tobacco, the government has announced. The move has sparked outrage among sellers and users of the battery-powered devices which contain liquid nicotine that is turned into a vapor when...
  7. C

    Electronic Cigarettes Legal?

    Hi I hope this has not been covered before, but I cannot find a definitive answer. Are Electronic Cigarettes legal to use in Turkey. Later in the year I will be travelling to the country, they have helped me give up for 6 months and don't want to end up back on the fags. Chris
  8. carolk

    E Cigarettes - Fantastic!!

    I gave up smoking last Friday after nearly 50 years! - early days but, I just wanted to share with you how easy it has been with the e-cigarettes. I have had no with drawl symptoms, no headaches etc. I am amazed!! I have tried, hypnosis, acupuncture, patches etc. and never managed a couple of...
  9. E

    Buying Cartons of cigarettes in Mahmutlar

    Hi Folks, Anyone know where I can buy Cartons (200's) of John Player Black in Mahmutlar?? Thanks in advance eddiedo
  10. ExG


    Hi everyone Enjoying my stay in Marmaris. Actually walked from Marmaris to Icmeler along the sea front (Nice) and then over the mountain to Turunc (Torture) yesterday. I don't smoke but I promised to take back 200 cigarettes for a friend so here's the question. Should I buy in 1 - Local...
  11. ceemac

    Turkish cigarettes free of pig blood, says Health Ministry

    Religiously inclined smokers in Turkey are breathing easier following an announcement Wednesday from the Health Ministry that said there were no traces of pig blood in cigarette filters. Here C
  12. F

    wow car tax,electricity,gas,petrol,fags and bread

    price rises !!! car tax 60% fags up to 9 lira !!! gas 40% not sure about the others soon it will be will the last one out of turkey turn the lights off
  13. Martyn

    Duty free cigarettes

    A while ago we had a discussion about buying cigarettes and we know in the uk we can have 200 cigs per person but in Bodrum Airport they say you can take 1000. On the Onurair flight back last night they were coming round with 1000 cig packs so openly inviting you to flout the UK laws. A few...
  14. simon90


    Hi, Can anyone tell me the legal limit of cigarettes etc i can take out of turkey and take back to the uk. Im coming back over in summer and my mates who smoke would like me to take them some back. Thank ya.
  15. B

    Whats' the legal amount of cigarettes and spirits

    Does anyone know how many (legally!!) cigarettes and spirits you are allowed to bring into Turkey? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  16. Andy

    Cigarettes & Tobacco

    2 Questions really First of all where is the best place to buy fags & tobacco in Turkey, and roughly at what price for 200 & 50grms of baccy Secondly is there anywhere in the UK where i can buy the real Turkish Delight, and again how much would it cost for one of those small boxes full in Turkey.
  17. I

    Cigarettes & Food Prices - Bodrum Airport?

    hi all just a few days to go now, friday cant come quick enough, am soooo excited. :) in a previous post i asked about buying cigarettes at dalaman airport, well anyway just checked our tickets and we are going to bodrum airport [:I] lol just wondering if i can buy cigaretts in the airport...
  18. merlin

    Beware: Copy Cigarettes....

    Cigarettes.... Just a little word of warning about buying cigarettes, particularly UK brands which are sold in markets etc in Turkey. NO duty free cigarettes are allowed to be sold outside of Duty Free shops. Normally I wouldnt give a monkeys however, the ones that are being sold are moreover...
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