1. Camden

    Churches and Hotels bombed Siri Lanka

    A horrible start to Easter Sunday .... up dated 156 Dead 506 injured... 35 foreigners as hotels and churches bombed
  2. T

    Turkey seizes ALL Christian churches in city and declares them 'state proper

    Islamist Turkey seizes ALL Christian churches in city and declares them 'state property' | World | News | Daily Express Any opinions on this move?
  3. Mushtaq

    More black churches burning in America

    I have not seen much media coverage of these stories, I suppose everyone is busy with ISIS? Shouldn't the shooting of innocent black church goers by a white guy be treated as terrorism? It didn't get publicised as such? Is this new wave of racist attacks a worrying trend in USA? Historic...
  4. T

    Churches in Turkey on the Verge of Extinction

    Extract from article - One of the common features of the Ottoman Empire and modern Turkey seems to be their intolerance of churches. "Turkey is not converting churches into mosques because there is a need for more mosques... The message conveyed ... is that Turkey is an Islamic state and no...
  5. G

    churches in alanya

    hi looking for some help am going to alanya in 2 weeks and would like to go to mass when there is there any churches that are opened in alanya or nearby thanks in advance ann
  6. B

    Christian Churches in Turkey

    Are there any churches in Didim, or any other resorts in Turkey? I don't remember seeing any there and it would be nice if there were churches to worship in. :)
  7. ceemac

    Turkey rocks: Cappadocia's cave churches

    This part of Turkey may be famous for its fairytale chimney rock formations, hot-air balloon rides and cave hotels, but its historic churches are just as fascinating. Here C
  8. ceemac

    Churches in Turkey host Easter ceremonies

    Christians around Turkey celebrate Holy Thursday in various churches. A list of Easter ceremonies is here. C
  9. I

    Churches and Visa's

    I obviously enjoy wierd combinations :) Does anyone at all know if there are any Catholic shurches in either Kusadasi or Altinkum.? Visa!!! Mary is a Doctor she is originally from the philippinesm therefore we drove 550 miles round trip to London and lined up fpr a visa in the rain , it was...
  10. I

    Catholic churches, money and cash machines

    Now theres a combination!. Please can any one tell us if there is a Catholic Church in Kusadasi, ? are there many cash machines? and what is the best way from peoples experience of taking spending money, I have not used travellers cheques since the early 90s in spain I usually just get it on...
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