1. bickern

    Christians in Turkey celebrate Christmas

    Christmas, one of the holy days of the Christians, was celebrated with ceremonies held in different provinces of Turkey. The ritual in Aya Yorgi Church in the garden of the Fener Greek Patriarchate was administered by the Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew. The ceremony was attended by...
  2. U

    Are radical Christians a threat

    800 Baby Skeletons Found in Mass Grave at Irish Home for Unwed Mothers We seem to be quick to pounce on the perceived evils of Islam and Muslims. In the interest of fair play, here we have a gang of nuns in County Galway tossing the bodies of babes that died of starvation and maltreatment in...
  3. shirleyanntr

    persecution of Christians

    Persecution of Christians in Islamic countries is steadily growing and if left to continue before long communities that once thrived will become extinct a recent thread poked fun at the blow up Santa that was derided by a gang of pious Muslim youths in İ fact there is a serious...
  4. shirleyanntr

    Christians massacred in Pakistan

    80 Christians were killed and over 150 badly burnt on Sunday by Muslim suicide bombers outside a church in Pakistan why is there so much hatred ..what do these extremists want we are hearing about the massacre in the shopping mall yet little is being reported about this atrocity by two...
  5. bickern

    village is 'liberated' by rebels... who then forced Christians to convert to Islam

    Is this the face of whom we are asked to support? ------------------------------------------------------ Terrified Christians claim Syrian rebels ordered them to convert to Islam on pain of death when they ‘liberated’ their ancient village. Opposition forces, including fighters linked to Al...
  6. pepperkat

    To all the Christians

    To all the Christians we wish you a Happy Christmas. To all none believers have a happy Holiday. To each and everyone have a very healthy and happy new year.
  7. Firefox

    Christians Cure Gays

    There is a Christian Group in London that claims it can cure Gays into becoming Normal heterosexuals. They have taken out adverts on London Buses which have been banned by Pro Gay groups. It shows that Gays have a much stronger say so in how God fearing normal people want to live there lives...
  8. teosgirl

    Muslims (or Christians or Jews for that matter) are no good for anyone

    What harm could come from an atheist generation? An atheist is good for the family, for the country, for the nation, for himself... A religious youth is no good to anyone. It doesn't matter if they injure us or shoot us, 4+4+4 will pass this week. Shockingly insulting statement to make isn't...
  9. A

    UK denies Christians right to wear crucifix

    The British government asserts that Christians have no right to wear a cross or crucifix at work and is eager to prove it in court. The case was initiated by two British women Nadia Eweida and Shirley Chaplin, after they were punished for refusing to take off their religious symbols. Nadia...
  10. John O' Dreams

    Christians of Convenience

    I'm with you on Christianity. It's Christians I can't stand When politicians grab and wave the chalice of religion, they tarnish its beauty and purpose, turning its gold to nickel. Let me put it another way: they sully and invade the privacy of faith and misuse God for propaganda and political...
  11. V

    Do ex pat christians worship in Turkey?

    I am wondering what provision for christians there is in Turkey especially brit ex pats. Or are we that far gone we dont bother any more? Or perhaps too scared?
  12. ceemac

    Christians 'Allowed' To Say Allah

    This was an interesting case and an interesting decision by a court in Malaysia recently. I've never heard any Christian clergy referring to God as Allah before? "Why are the Christians claiming Allah?" asks businessman Rahim Ismail, 47, his face contorted in rage and disbelief. He shakes...
  13. immac

    Christians in Fear

    From AP: Christians in Turkey fear more attacks after killings at publishing house BENJAMIN HARVEY - The Associated Press / Malatya 21 April 2007 The slayings of three Christians in eastern Turkey highlight the country's uneasy relationship with its minorities, and Christians expressed...
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