1. yalimart

    Chris Grayling

    Chris Cock-up-McBoatface is still in a job despite failing with everything he is involved in, why is that ? He is a walking talking serial disaster when it comes to any form of governance. Martin
  2. bickern

    Chris Froome- Well Done

    Good one Chris, I for one are happy for you. Nice to hear good news for a change.
  3. bickern

    For all Chris Evans fans.

    I hope he gets prosecuted. Pair urinate in full view of passing traffic on the busy motorway “He was bending over and looked as though he was ogling his mate’s willy for a laugh. “Then Chris joined him and it looked like they were comparing sizes or something. “They didn’t seem bothered...
  4. Spurs

    Chris Evens

    Resigns from Top Gear.....................lot of resignations about !!!
  5. Akasya

    Chris Squire Yes

    RIP Chris Squire , Bassist extraordinaire , the Band , Yes Thanks Steve
  6. Yalides

    Chris Chataway dies

    One of the great athletes of our time. RIP Chris Chataway.
  7. yalimart

    chris moyles quits radio 1

    Chris Moyles quits Radio 1 show live on air, Nick Grimshaw to replace him | the juice - Yahoo! omg! UK who cares you might say ! can only hope he doesnt join radio 2, cant stand the bloke ! Martin
  8. gerald

    Driving Over Lemons by Chris Stewart

    Download this audio book free here, registration required. Review here.
  9. K

    song for Soo and Chris on there big day

    Forever and Ever, Amen | Randy Travis
  10. E

    chris wheatley no longer running fcc

    Fahrettin cetin is now managing fcc,wheatley has some other role. Hassans no longer involved with fcc
  11. Sunny Seasider

    Chris Eubank

    Chris Eubank has just spent £31k to have an operation to cure him of his lisp, whilst I'm not an advocate of comsetic surgery, this is something I'd consider, (if I had the money), and for him he will, (has been reported) now have more confidence!!!
  12. A


    live singers in kuşadasi hi, i would like to know which bars/hotels/restaurants british people go to in kuşadasi where there is live entertainment. i.e singers/guitarists etc. thanks
  13. Mag

    Chris Jewellers - Turgutreis

    Noticed that Chris's Jewellers was closed during our recent visit. Does anyone know if this is permanent,or had he not yet opened for the season? Thanks Mag
  14. R

    chris evans on radio

    When you are in turkey how do you get the chris evans show on radio 2????There was someone on from kalkan tonight so we wondered how???
  15. S

    Hi we are Hazel & Chris. New Members

    We have purchased in Akbuk on the Ephesus homes called Yasmin Gardens and will be taking delivery in May. Anybody who can advise on rental possibilities in the area? We wish to buy a car. What does a resident Visa cost and do we both have to have one. How long does it last? Looking forward...
  16. zulu1946

    chris and nina from derby uk

    hi,im chris,and my wife is nina,im uk born and nearly 60,my wife is from belarus (white russia)and a few years younger. weve bought a property in gumbet,a two bed apart.and intend to set up home there in about 14 months,were going there for two weeks 29th may. ive got a fin adv sorting out my...
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