1. Camden

    America's Choice

    There is a Senate race in Alabama today and the choice you would think would be a straightforward one. We have Roy Moore, the 70 year old GOP nominee twice ousted as state Supreme Court chief justice for flouting federal law, amid accusations of sexual misconduct with teenage girls when he...
  2. L

    Altlas Choice Car Hire Bodrum

    Thinking of using this company for a hire car from Bodrum Airport, they do a meet and greet and are based at the BP service station near the airport, they have given us a really good quote of £68.75 for a weeks hire. Do any of the forum members have any information about this company, always...
  3. Jaycey

    Antonov - an unlikely choice

    Turkey to produce regional passenger aircraft with Ukraine After negotiating with 11 different companies from the aviation industry, Turkish Aerospace Industries agreed to sign a deal with Ukraine’s state-owned aircraft company, Antonov, to produce regional passenger aircraft... Turkey to...
  4. Jaycey

    Education - did you make the right choice?

    Forcing us to specialise so young is the biggest failing of our education system | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett | Comment is free | Do others agree with this? I wonder if any TLFers actually decided their profession at 16 y/o and was it the right decision? I retired 5 years ago and...
  5. B

    Iran and freedom of choice.

    UK Foreign Office tackles Iranian government over woman imprisoned for watching volleyball - Telegraph Could this be the reason why Firefox can't or won't return to Iran. I don't imagine for one moment that we will get a reply from him...
  6. bickern

    First Choice pays out £1.7million to 600 holidaymakers who fell ill at Turkish resort

    Travel giant First Choice has been ordered to pay £1.7million compensation to British holidaymakers who fell ill at a 'luxury' Turkish resort which had faeces in the swimming pool. The four-star Holiday Village complex in Sarigerme was inundated with complaints after 595 visitors’ dream...
  7. B

    Choice in the Middle East.

    Avoid false choices in the Middle East - Opinion - Al Jazeera English This seems like a very balanced article regarding what is happening in the Middle East, but I am not sure what the writer means when he talks about the West "taking meaningful steps". Does he mean...
  8. mollag

    Religion choice flowchart

    Cant recall if i have put this on before but its worth a second lookey loo :hail:
  9. Helenm150

    Your Turkish Bank of Choice?

    I thought it might be interesting to see which Turkish banks are most popular amongst TLF members - if you would care to cast your vote anonymously or vote and give your comments - it might be interesting to see which banks come out on top: Akbank, Citibank, Denizbank, Finansbank, Garanti...
  10. lilacdiana

    First Choice announces it will only be offering A I holidays next year!

    Just heard on the breakfast news that First Choice will only be offering A I holidays from next Summer. If this is right and more follow suit can only be bad news for the small hotels and restaurants everywhere (not only Turkey)! Di x
  11. V

    Filthy First Choice Holiday Village sued

    Around 300 people are suing tour operator First Choice after falling ill at the company's Holiday Village, Sarigerme, Dalaman. First Choice Holiday Village Turkey ruined our wedding say couple | Mail Online
  12. Y

    first choice

    Hi, Does anyone have any idea how much 'first choice' pays their overseas reps? Thanks is anticipation.
  13. Andy

    First Choice cheap Flights

    Not too sure how these prices compare to other flights but it may save a few members a couple of quid. Click on anywhere then delete all destinations and tick on Turkey First Choice |Last-Minute Holidays | Book last minute deals online.
  14. S

    Vote Perfect 1949-The Perfect Choice

    As self appointed election agents ted and I are throwing our support behind Perfect 1949 as THE choice for king of romance Lets face it do you ladies really wanna end up with some garlic chewing, onion munching, spaghetti covered Continental types? Nor do you want some flash Harry home grown...
  15. bobthenob

    Choice of Thread

    Nimrod mentioned in one of the threads of what threads would be more interesting .So,l thought why not put your views on here to see what is and what is not worth while for others. I have been mostly targeting the side of corruption in my threads,only for others to learn from what is going on...
  16. peter the postie

    Game consoles.. Whats your choice

    Who does, who does'nt, who has what, and what hardware & games have you chosen?? I have the Wii as there are a lot of kids games available for it. And as its a newer Wii console I bought the rather clever bit of kit, the Wode Jukebox to go with it. Currently enjoying the legend of Zelda...
  17. ted j

    If you had a choice

    If you had a choice now, and you could vote to get out of the EU , or stay in, (wherever you live) which would you vote for? and why. Ted
  18. yalimart

    dalaman no 1 choice

    i am just reading the csma magazine for february and there is an article supplied by the co op travel that states Turkey is currently the best selling destination for summer holidays in 2010, bookings for the Turkish resort of Dalaman have increased by 82%from this time last year and has...
  19. S

    World cup-whos your second choice

    For me the best thing about getting into 2010 is its world cup year! You English fans are lucky sods having your team there (and will do well too) But who will you be keeping an eye on as a second fav team
  20. L

    Pegasus, good choice?

    Afternoon everyone, I was told Pegasus is flying to Turkey and charging very low fares and that soon they will announce flights direct to Bodrum. can anyone expand? is this airline reliable?
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