1. T

    Check Your Chocolate Folks!

    Mars are re-calling some products across 55 country's after plastic was found in some; full details in link: "The products recalled were all made at a factory in Veghel, in the southern Netherlands, and then exported abroad, the AFP news agency reports. A piece of red plastic was found in a...
  2. bickern

    Chocolate Factory Reunion

    Forty-four years after they captivated audiences on the big screen, the cast of Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory reunited on NBC's Today show to reminisce about making the classic 1971 movie. Peter Ostrum, who played Charlie Bucket, joined his fellow Golden Ticket winners and co-stars...
  3. A

    Nuts in chocolate

    we bought some nuts from a local market in the summer. Can someone please tell me what they are called in Turkish. I think they were peanuts covered in chocolate with something else mixed in. Oh how I miss them
  4. Mushtaq

    New anti-ageing chocolate claims to give you young looking skin.

    A team of scientists at a Cambridge University spin-off lab claim they have created a chocolate bar that can slow down wrinkles and sagging skin, the Telegraph newspaper reported on Saturday. “Esthechoc,” manufactured by biotech firm Lycotec, claims to be able to boost antioxidant levels and...
  5. D

    Chocolate Creme Eggs....

    Is there no end to it they're mucking about with an all time beloved Crème Eggs :animation:animation
  6. S

    Thick chocolate

    I absolutely adore VERY thick drinking chocolate. I order it online every few weeks, Spanish Thick Drinking a Chocolate from Spain. It's the sort of stuff available across the continent esp Spain,Italy and France. My question is- is such a thick chocolate drink available in Turkey?
  7. M

    Chocolate in hand luggage

    Is it ok to put chocolate in my hand luggage? I don't know with the liquid/ creams/gels rule if they will confiscate it at the security checks this end or at Istanbul when I'm in transit.
  8. abba

    Your age in chocolate

    YOUR AGE BY CHOCOLATE MATH Don't tell me your age; you'd probably lie anyway-but the Hershey Man will know! YOUR AGE BY CHOCOLATE MATH This is pretty neat. Have a pencil & paper, or a calculator first. 1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have...
  9. bickern

    Chocolate printer to go on sale after Easter

    What better thread to put this in than The Cafe. Chocolate printer to go on sale after Easter The UK scientists who developed a prototype chocolate printer last year say they have now perfected it. They hope to have the machine on sale at the end of April - just missing the Easter egg rush...
  10. janine&soner

    Chocolate Bunnies

    Didyma Chocolate Shop in Altinkum have got chocolate easter bunnies in various sizes, half chocolate easter eggs filled with a yummy selection of chocolates aswell as boxes of chocolates all ready for easter pop down and get yours ready for next weekend. They also have a easter party on Sunday...
  11. lara

    For Cheese and Chocolate Lovers:)

    Philadelpha have just joined forces with Cadbury's and brought out a Chocolate Cream Cheese, a little bit of heaven in a tub. I don't eat either Chocolate or Cheese but will be trying this in a cheesecake for the Grandkids.
  12. A

    Cooking Chocolate

    Don't know if this is the right place for this but what do I ask for in supermarket when looking for cooking chocolate? Thanks,Derek.
  13. A

    cadbury chocolate

    Is it only me but their choc doesnt taste like cadburys since it was taken over by Kraft. I had a Flake today and it was solid, and as I first said it didnt taste the same. I wont be buying cadburys again will probable try roundtrees, was very disapointed, very sad that such a great company has...
  14. A

    Chocolate Crickets

    If you kill crickets naturally, you can make yourself chocolate-covered crickets! You will need: 25 adult crickets Several squares of semi-sweet chocolate Directions: Prepare the crickets for consumption by rinsing them off with water after placing them in a colander and...
  15. Yogi

    The chocolate & Sweet Quiz

    A little quiz to keep you amused. All answers are Sweets/Chocolates that you can/could buy in the UK (although not Turkey unfortunately!). I do have the answers and can be bribed :5: (Joke, I do have the answers though!) No cheating! 1. Sly giggles 2. High class thoroughfare 3. Money...
  16. pineapple1

    Marshmallow & Chocolate Bananas

    These are Yummy and cooked on the BBQ Ingredients Bag of Marshmallows 200g milk or plain chocolate bar Method 1 split the bananas lengthways along one edge, leaving the skin on 2 Break the chocolate into chunks and stuff into the opened bananas with the marshmallows 3 Wrap in foil...
  17. arrian


    just read this too!!! BBC News - Chocolate lovers 'are more depressive', say experts
  18. R

    Chocolate is Healthy.....

    BBC News - Chocolate 'can cut blood pressure and help heart' Have a good Easter.....
  19. KKOB

    20 Reasons Why Chocolate is Better Than Sex

    :wink:Click Here:wink:
  20. P

    What's your favourite chocolate bar??

    We have a nice new forum design and a now new poll to go with it. It's a silly one just for fun but what is your favourite bar of chocolate from the list below? Sorry if your favourite bar isnt there and sorry this is mainly aimed at UK peeps. You can select multiple choccies but so the...
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