1. yalimart

    Doggie chips

    Just a reminder to get your dog micro chipped if you haven't already, it's a £500 fine if you haven't done it. We got ours done today. Martin
  2. E

    Fish & Chips

    A lady wrote on FB a few days ago that a certain restaurant in Dalyan did the best Fish and Chips she's had in Turkey. Unfortunately I can't find that post now so I wonder if any of the locals could direct me to the right place. Thank you.
  3. B


    When we are in our apartment in Turkey, we sometimes miss home made chips, but dont really want that deep fried smell. We have considered an Actifry or even deep fat fryer, bit they are expensive for the few times we would use it, so have discovered a method for home made oven chips that works...
  4. S

    post clubbing good fresh food, not burgers and chips - open nearly 24 hours daily

    Flash Restaurant, Guller Pinari Mah. Hacet Cad. Akay Apt. No. 32/A, Alanya 07400 It's about 5mins walk from the park where the cruise boats are moored. Open pretty much 24 hours. You can have succulent lamb chops for breakfast if you wanted to. It's a caff, not a white-table cloth restaurant...
  5. juco

    Chips question, as in food

    When you buy a bag of chips should the salt or the vinegar go on first? Or wouldnt you bother either way.
  6. W

    Fish and chips

    Does anybody know if the fish and chip shop on the Ege Road do delivery and if so has anybody got a phone number for them Thanks alot
  7. teosgirl

    Fish and Chips

    Exactly that. A new 'Fish and Chip' shop in Izmir. We drove past this new eatery in Alsancak the other day, and of course I was gob-smacked to see this huge illuminated FISH AND CHIPS sign. I'm thinking of trying it for the first time this Friday...
  8. arrian

    Best UK fish and chips

    Seniors has been voted the best for fish and chips and i would agree with that, as i was there not long ago and they were delicious! Well done, please: customers congratulate best fish and chip shop - Yahoo! Lifestyle UK
  9. A

    Fish & Chips

    Just returned from our winter check of apartment, found an excellent restuarant for English food and a very warm welcome from the owners. 3in1(moby dicks) situated just down road from the bistro. Excellent English Food. Well done to you all at 3in1
  10. arrian

    McCains oven chips

    does anyone remember the advert for McCains oven chips, where the little brat would sit at the table, bang his knife and fork on the table top, and shout "FEED ME!!!" at the top of his voice, and then the doting mother would take out the tray of McCains oven chips and place them in front of him...
  11. maggie

    Fish and Chips.

    Just come back from Mavi Deniz in Akbuk where I ate the nicest Fish and Chips Ive ever tasted in Turkey. For 8ytl you recieve a beautifull big piece of battered fish ,home made chips,and garden peas,and so tasty. There were 6 other people dining on fish and chips who all said it was...
  12. K

    best fish N chips

    Dont shoot me down but we have friends over and they fancied some fish and chips, so we took them to kings bar in Turgutries yesterday, it was the best fish supper with mushy peas I have had in a long time, came with crusty bread, garlic butter and chilli dip to start all for 13tl, well worth a...
  13. K

    Fish & chips

    Hi, Can anyone tell me where the fish and chip shop is in Side
  14. yalimart

    stone chips

    This takes the biscuit for stone chips ! This was just up the road from my house, I passed it within minutes of it happening, it sent a bit of a shiver down my spine Five-tonne boulder falls on car - Yahoo! Cars martin
  15. E

    Fish and chips anyone?

    :horn: Down at the harbour on a Friday night in the cafe MOCCO I see they are offering fish and chips and mushy peas so if you are getting chippy withdrawl whilst away then you must visit. A friend there had told us it is a big hit with some of the ex pats so also the chance to make more...
  16. D

    A question of fish and chips??

    i am from izmir and am trying to pick the brains of people from another big metropolis--- Lots of my Turkish friends who travel or go to places like bodrum seem to enjoy fish and chips on their trips-i am always thinking i should start a shop here but people say the turkish are too traditional...
  17. PASH

    Fish and chips

    Anyone know if the chap who had the wonderful fish and chips in the glass restaurant on the harbour is still around?? They were to die for - wheres he gone??
  18. kennynsue

    Cod And Chips!!

    Had an absolute treat last week. There's a restaurant in Yalikavak doing REAL cod and chips, steak and kidney pies, chicken and mushroom pies, minced beef and onion pies. Oh Yummy!
  19. Ms Who


    Every now and then we have a thread about a good fish and chip shop or fast food and the like and as always, there are the people that say; "why come to Turkey and eat chips" Well there is a dish made throughout the week in the village called: "Kizartma" It consists of fried patlican...
  20. H

    Best Ever Chips In Turgutreis

    Consistancy that's what I say and 3 times I have been to Turgutreis and during these visits we have eaten at The Family Tree.(Near the market place) The chips there are totally awesome, huge and cooked to total perfection. They have started putting a portion on display on market days now. We...
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