1. Camden

    New Cold War with China..

    Is this the start of a new Cold War? This time with China ? With Boris Johnson new U turn on Huawei, dropping them from 5g and now calling for their extraction from 4g ....In doing so we now hear we are in for a Chinese economic retaliation. Happening at a time we have had record blow...
  2. bickern

    China's buyout of British Steel completed

    A Chinese firm completed its buyout of British Steel today, with an investment package pledge of £1.2 billion . Steelmaker Jingye Group revived the British business that was placed into compulsory liquidation last May. A statement from Jingye said it had completed the acquisition of British...
  3. bickern

    China offers to build a cheaper, faster HS2 - Five years

    China has offered to build a cheaper, faster HS2 service in just five years, it was reported last night. British officials are in talks with Chinese counterparts about getting the high-speed rail project back on track. Beijing claimed it could build the line by 2025 for less money and with...
  4. Jaycey

    Has China Gone Rogue?

    Hong Kong is in danger. China’s promise of democracy was a lie.. The ninth of June 2019 was a Sunday. Any other Sunday in summer at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, old men and women would do their usual walkabouts and maids would gather, spread out groundsheets, cover them with spicy delicacies and...
  5. S

    Turkey Russia China ??
  6. J

    China's Glass Walkway

    China's glass walkway opens in Tianmen mountain - BBC News If I was forced to walk this I know I'd be laid to rest after a few steps.
  7. K

    Women only mosques in China

    Fascinating piece about Chinese muslem women.Just thought some might enjoy reading this. Why does China have women-only mosques? - BBC News
  8. bickern

    Why is the UK giving China £3million to play FOOTBALL?

    It beggars belief, it really does. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- George Orborne was attacked today after announcing £3million of taxpayers' money will be spent teaching the Chinese to play football. The Chancellor, in the country on a...
  9. dearsley

    Doing Business With China

    A bit of a long shot.....but has anyone in here any contacts with Turkish companies doing business with China? I work sometimes for the Hong Kong Trade Development Council and they have asked me to check opinions about a strategy called One Belt One Road, designed to improve Sino-Turkish trade...
  10. bal canavar

    Made in China

    Erdogan has decided to snub his Nato partners and especially America by choosing a Chinese firm for missile system CPMIEC $4bn long-range air and missile defence system knowing it will not be possible for it to be Integrated with the NATO defence system. It will now not be possible to...
  11. L

    Bar Opposite My China

    what is the name of the bar/restaurant opposite my china ? thanks:hmm:
  12. B

    Cameron'sTrade trip to China.

    BBC News - David Cameron defends China trade mission If Cameron's trip to China results in more investment, trade and jobs for UK workers then I am all for it. Bill.
  13. bickern

    Weetabix bought by China's Bright Food

    My favorite by a mile, in fact I wish I could by them locally here. ------------------------------------------------ China's Bright Food has bought a controlling stake in Weetabix, which owns the breakfast cereal brand as well as Alpen and Ready Brek. Bright Food will take a 60% stake in...
  14. Jaycey

    New 'election' in China

    China’s state-owned newspaper, the People’s Daily, is to get an imposing new HQ – a 500ft skyscraper. The building is still under construction, but already it has given rise to so much mockery that China’s censors have had to step in. On Weibo – the Chinese equivalent of Twitter – the search...
  15. L


    Has anyone ever travelled to China? We're thinking of going next year and like the look of the Viking cruise trip which includes sight seeing and hotels and flights to other parts of China in the price. I'm interested to hear of any one else who has been to China
  16. B

    Communism in China

    Communist party's future on the line, warns Xi Jinping - Telegraph Could China be the last major outpost of Communism in the world. The system has failed in every industrialised country which has used it. Are the Chinese giving up on it as well? Capitalism is...
  17. arrian

    Letter from China!

    well, instead of the usual e-mail scams etc, i have just recieved a letter from China telling about a distant relative who has died. "he invested substanially in various opportunities, and after a few years he instructed that all his money be colledted into a single bank account with a...
  18. A

    US threat: Russia and China will 'pay price' for supporting Assad

    Russia rejects in the strongest possible terms allegations that it supports President Assad in the Syrian conflict. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Moscow and Beijing must 'pay a price' for backing Assad. “I do not believe that Russia and China are paying any price at all – nothing at...
  19. willip

    daredevil flying in China- enjoy the ride

    Chinese Scenes
  20. Firefox

    China or the west Turkey must decide

    With all the negative news Turkey receives from France, Germany and the USa. It has to make a stance. Are we to follow the Chinese trial of Industry and integrity.?? Are we to go with the West and the Usa?? China and Turkey ? building a new Silk Road together -
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