1. C

    Estimated 800 childrens bodies found

    An estimated 800 bodies of children up to 3 years old, have been found in a "Mothers and baby home" in Tuam county Galway in Ireland. The bodies were discovered in 20 underground chambers, many of which have still to be opened. The home run by nuns was operating between 1925 - 1961...
  2. paddington bear

    Childrens Christmas Events

    Does anyone please know if there are any Christmas events being held for children and if so where and when. Thanks. Sue
  3. teosgirl

    Childrens cancer support Izmir

    Social responsibility project - Izmir. Hi, For those of you relocating and getting rid of your belongings, please spare a thought for the Izmir Hasta Cocuk evleri Dernegi, or the sick childrens homes association, based in Izmir. Who they are Specializing in stem cell transplantation, Prof...
  4. Yildez Datca

    Datca - childrens Art exhibition

    This afternoon is the Art Exhibition which takes over the whole of the main street in front of my apartment and the meydan. All our local schools take part and the children produce large, extremely colourful pictures with a conservation theme. The local mayor and big-wigs come along to judge the...
  5. hijo

    national childrens day

    a few colourful photos yesterday in Kusadasi...... ..
  6. millilove76

    Childrens embarrasing Questions.

    Last night i was getting ready to go out. When i was getting changed in the bedroom Kawa looked at my stretchmarks and said "whats these mummy?" i said they are where mummy had you in her belly when you were a which he replied "how did i get there? did you eat me?". I laughed thinking...
  7. Minajayne

    Wanted - childrens books

    I'm looking for some English childrens books for my sons (age 3 and nearly 5). Happy to buy second hand if anyone is selling in the Turgutreis or surrounding areas. Does anyone know of anywhere selling English childrens books? I've looked at postage from the UK (i.e. via e-bay etc) but its so...
  8. Minajayne

    childrens suits/wedding clothes

    My sister in law is getting married and i need to find some smart trousers/shirts for my boys (aged 3 and 4). I think its too hot for a proper little suit each. Dont want to spend a fortune either as they'll only get worn once....anyone know of somewhere in Turgutreis, or more likely, Bodrum...
  9. Lindacm

    Childrens toys/colouring books

    If you've been following Millilove's great thread on the plight of the Syrian refugees then you know we are looking for donations. My husband & I are driving down with collected donations within the next 2 weeks...sooner if everything is ready. We are looking for any of the following to take...
  10. M

    National Childrens Day

    To all you expats and visitors in Altinkum this weekend. Don't forget that Saturday is Turkeys National Childrens Day. All the school bands will be playing at the Didim sports stadium. There will also be displays of traditional folk dancing. If you have never been it's a great day out. the...
  11. J

    Childrens residency exemption and travelling

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? This year we will be able to get the form from the school here in Didim to say that our kids have been educated here for a year. Then we won't have to buy them a residency visa, OK that's all fine. BUT, my question is, when we visit the UK next summer how will...
  12. Sunny Seasider

    How Childrens' minds work!!!

    I was in our local supermarket in the meat department, an Adult and two children a girl and boy of about 9 and 12 years old were stood next to me, when I heard the girl (the younger of the two) said "Why do we have to kill animals", the older child replied "Because we have to eat meat to...
  13. angiesco

    Childrens Football in Antalya

    My son would like to take up football lessons this year, maybe after school or at the weekends. So far, I can't find very much near to me(transport is a problem) so if anyone knows of anything near the Dogu Garaj area, let me know. I would really appreciate it. Thanks. Angie.
  14. rosewall1

    wanted for childrens party

    MY son as you know is the Sausage King has asked me to look for some things for a childrens party. So wanted:- A clown, a magician and a bouncy castle, so please help. :25:
  15. shirleyanntr

    todays words are from a childrens story

    this is an good way to pick up word order and new words..its just a short i hope you will find it entertaining and useful the story is about three little animals who are looking for a new home.their names are Findik a mouse,MinoĊŸ,a dog and Pisicik a cat. most of the words we hae...
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