1. Camden

    Nutella (child labour)

    Next time you give your children or grandchildren Nutella spread or tucking into your xmas Ferrero roche ... think before buying, on the child labour that brought it to your table they could have been your grand/kids .... Nearly three-quarters of the world's hazelnuts come from Turkey and...
  2. Neil_Denizli

    Child Support

    A question for those supporting children on ex-spouses: In the UK support is calculated as a % of income based on no. of children and length of marriage. However, from what I can gather, here it's often a judicial decision based on income, living standards, etc., and a fixed amount which can...
  3. juco

    EU whistleblower,child trafficking

    GSTV. First interview with EU whistleblower in hiding, Roelie Post
  4. T

    Child grooming shadow Secretary of State for women resigns

    What a sad state of affairs.... When a female MP who has championed the rights of women is forced to resign for speaking her mind in JC's selective PC world! A sad day for Women's rights a sad day for Democracy! "Jeremy Corbyn has forced one of his senior ministers to resign after she claimed...
  5. J

    Child's first British passport

    Hi Guys, I am going through the process of getting my daughter her first British passport, but I am having a few issues understanding the supporting documents section. My main questions are below. Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Firstly, I am confused as to whether I...
  6. K

    Child care pay for grandparents?

    Do you know about this? It has been kept very quiet! Grandparents 'miss out' on National Insurance pension perks - BBC News and another article from the financial press...
  7. bal canavar

    Outrage over GOVT motion

    It is now more than obvious which direction (backwards) the AKP is taking the country away from the secular Republic to tribalism the recent bill introduced and supported and enabled by the MHP .... Outrage over AKP motion said to let abusers avoid prosecution if they marry child...
  8. K

    Child Abuse

    I dont understand how this can happen. Is this report true? Turkey?s Constitutional Court stirs outrage by annulling child sex abuse clause - CRIME
  9. Neil_Denizli

    Child's First UK Passport

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me here - I'm still confused even after going through all the UK gov info on this. My daughter was born here - Turkish mum, British dad. I've applied for her first UK passport but am uncertain if I have all the required docs and which need to be translated. If...
  10. teosgirl

    Abuse of child refugees in Turkey

    There have been so many reports of abuse and mistreatment of child refugees in Turkey recently, that it's time the government takes a serious stand. Refugee children have been the target of violence by shop and restaurant owners throughout Turkey (most recently in Kemeralti in Izmir) but...
  11. C

    Child's booster car seat and table and chair

    Booster seat for child weighing 15-36 kgs. 25 tl Fold-up table and chair, Spiderman design - suit 2-6 year-old - 30tl
  12. mollag

    The wise child

    That knows it's father. The Archbish? i'm not a fan of proffessional godbotherers but personally i think it's an intrusive story of an intensely personal nature. He had no say in his conception so no fault lies with him, just MHO.
  13. bal canavar

    Child slavery: Rich Brits buying children who survived the Nepalese earthquake for £5

    Child slavery: Rich Brits buying children who survived the Nepalese earthquake for £5,000 April 4, 2016 Children left devastated by the earthquake in Nepal in 2015 have been preyed upon by slave traders Athit Perawongmetha/Reuters Wealthy British families are buying children left...
  14. suzyq

    IS increases use of child soldiers

    The number of children who have died fighting for so-called Islamic State (IS) in the last year is nearly twice the previous estimate, a report says. Researchers at Georgia State University tracked IS propaganda and eulogies over 13 months. The propaganda claimed 89 boys aged eight to 18 had...
  15. A

    Moving to Bodrum - questions about child care

    Hi, My name is Annika and I'm moving to bodrum in April with my husband and 2 year old son. I'm from Sweden, my husband is turkish but we're moving from San Francisco we're we lived for many years. We're renting a place between Gumusluk and Yalikvak and I have a couple of questions: - Day...
  16. kemerkid

    Child Abuse in Turkey

    Child abuse Turkish style. Official arrested for child abuse, lawyer son refuses to defend him Official arrested for child abuse, lawyer son refuses to defend him - CRIME
  17. teosgirl

    ISIL child training camp in Istanbul

    ISIL child training camp discovered in Istanbul: Report - LOCAL Coincidentally at the same moment, breaking news, the government also reveals that one of the Ankara bombing suspects has been identified. Charlotte
  18. D

    Child Born To UK national in Turkey

    If a child,whose parent is a UK national, is born in Turkey, is the child automatically a Turkish citizen? How would the parent go about registering the child's birth here? Also as the parent is a UK national would the child be entitled to UK citizenship and if so how would one go about...
  19. TNT123

    Free Child Medicine's

    I don't know if the good folk on here who have children know about this scheme. "NHS minor ailments service".Apparently if you go to any Pharmacy and fill out the form,any over the counter medicines for your child ie: Calpol and such is free,the NHS picks up the bill.My daughter was told about...
  20. W

    Are you really happy with the standard of your child's education in Turkey?

    As asked above. What do you think?
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