1. ted j


    Any chess buffs enlighten me on why Microsoft counted this as a draw ? (I am white) I had just got one of my pawns to get crowned to the queen top right, as soon as I did that , up pops the notice "this will be counted as a draw".
  2. R

    Anyone here can play chess with me online

    Anyone here can play chess with me online :50: Which also has free time
  3. tykatem

    Chess satans work

    The grand mufti of Saudi Arabia has declared that playing chess is forbidden (haram) because it is a waste of time and money and leads to hatred between players. The Arab world has a history of chess playing and it is a popular game in the Gulf region especially in Saudi Arabia. Saudi cleric...
  4. altinkum kev

    Chess anyone ?

    A dedicated Chess center has been opened in order to develop the sport in Turkey. On Friday, December 2 at 14:30 there was an opening ceremony, held at the Sports Hall in Didim, there will be courses for those who would like to learn and tournaments are to be arranged shortly.
  5. arrian

    Chess boxing?

    the latest 'sport'? Learn how chess boxing works Video - Yahoo! News UK
  6. bobthenob


    Just wondered if anyone would like to play chess.lf you have a chess board,then its possible to play online,by marking all the squares with a code.Once they are marked,and both parties agree to the marking,then for every move to a square,is stated by the opponent where he moved,and then noted...
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