1. A

    Cherry Festival

    We saw an advert for a Cherry Festival in Fethiye for the 27/06/15 but have no more information as to its whereabouts etc any information please.
  2. P

    Peach and Cherry Jam.

    Seeing the thread about cherries, I thought I'd post this recipe for Peach and Cherry Jam. I made this last summer because we had a great crop of peaches. I found the recipe on the internet. If your fruit is sweet use the smaller quantity of sugar. Peach and Cherry Jam Infused with Vanilla 14...
  3. barry budd

    club cherry

    Need a little help does anyone know how far the club cherry apartments are from the centre of turgetries, also their was a small Hotel next to the wooden bridge that was closed last season,has it opened again & the name if it has thanks
  4. mollag

    Cherry picker

    Could anyone help with contacting Nerbay Hidrolic? Its a name i spotted driving behind a cherry picker van in Gumusluk but i couldnt catch the phone number. Cheers
  5. M

    Cherry Festival - Nif

    Hi, anyone know any details of when this event is in 2007 ? Have heard its May sometime but not sure when or exactly what it is but its sounds interesting and would like to go along. Any feedback would be welcome Thanks Mike
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