1. A

    Sterling cheques

    Does any of you wonderful people know if it's possible to pay a sterling cheque drawn on a UK account into a sterling account in at a bank Turkey?
  2. B

    Exchanging travellers cheques

    I heard at the end of last summer that the jewellery shops were going to be stopped from exchanging money and travellers cheques. I wondered if this has happened or was it just a rumour? I usually take some sterling travellers cheques after my card was swallowed by an ATM a few years ago, just...
  3. bickern

    Using Cheques in Turkey

    Voices Newspaper Altinkum Didim Turkey - Changes to laws regulating bank checks Berk Çektir - Zaman Newspaper TURKS did not invent the check, but they did introduce the concept of the “post-dated check.” Under normal conditions, a check is simply a method of direct payment: You sign a check...
  4. B

    Cashing travellers cheques

    I haven't used travellers cheques for a few years, have always been ok with a Nationwide debit card. However we had problems with our card being 'swallowed' and also the hike in charges so I am looking for a back-up supply of money. I feel safe with travellers cheques but is it still possible to...
  5. C

    uk cheques

    can you put a uk cheques in my gbp account in my turkish bank how long to cash and what are the charges; any info from anyone who has gone down this line please:help:
  6. Glen

    Cost of paying in Cheques

    I have a cheque in Euros which I need to pay in to the bank. Can anyone please advise the cheapest way to do this as my bank wants 110 TL for the transaction.
  7. P

    UK Cheques

    Hi,Once I have a turkish bank account open,can I pay into that account using a normal UK cheque drawn on my UK account?I know you can do it in the EU even though accounts are in euro's.It will take a while to clear but if I'm not in a hurry then that doesn't matter. So has anyone done this and...
  8. J

    Cash or Travellers Cheques

    Hi, I'm travelling to Kalkan next week and can't decide whether to take cash or Travellers Cheques. I've never bothered with Travellers Cheques before, but as I'm travelling alone and taking quite a large sum (to finish furnishing my apartment) I thought maybe Travellers Cheques would be safer...
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