1. IbrahimAbi

    Hard Cheese

    You can argue over this until the cows come home. Greek Cypriots have lost a case to register the production method and brand name of the “halloumi” cheese because of a late plea in a U.K court, which angered the opposition and sparked a political crisis in the Greek administration. Greek...
  2. 1

    Turkish cheese

    Hi. I'm new to this site. I love Turkey and also love English mature cheddar ... is there a Turkish equivalent or one that comes close?
  3. gally

    Cottage Cheese?

    Hi Can anyone tell me (well actually the wife) if you can get cottage cheese in Turkey? and if so, what it's called (though I doubt it). Thanks for any info :der:
  4. yalimart

    Say cheese for the camera

    and then get your hand in your pocket ! Is this the way forward with our police forces or should the government revisit their swingeing cuts ? Martin
  5. suzyq

    Only Packaged Cheese after 1 Jan 2016 in Turkey

    Hope this doesn't happen especially if they do go and do the same with fruit and veg. The sale of unpackaged cheese will end in Turkey as of Jan. 1, 2016, according to a new regulation from the Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry. The new regulation, which was prepared based on the views...
  6. J

    Cheese flower cave gundogan

    Hi all we found the cheese flower cave after 8 years of looking.. Been trying to post some pictures but not sure how to get them on????any help please
  7. bodrumsjh

    Bread, Milk, Cheese and Beer?

    For a few years, when visiting Turkey, we have worked on the rough exchange rate of 2.5 Lira to the pound when calculating prices. During the last year, however the exchange rate has changed a lot and is currently hovering around 3.7 to the pound, a rise (or fall depending on your view) of...
  8. B

    Cream cheese for Cheesecake

    Hi everyone. I've been wanting to bake cream cheese but the cheese section at the grocery is just too challenging. What is cream cheese for cheese cake here? Can i use Labne? :der: Thanks :)
  9. arrian

    Cheese Smuggling???!!!

    who would ever have thought that cheese smuggling could be next money venture!!!! lol Canada, US police bust major cheese smuggling ring - Yahoo! News UK
  10. S


    hi, what biscuits can i use as cheesecake base? i can't seem to find marie biscuits or graham crackers. i have always seen in kipa / migros is potibor, petit or sandwich biscuits. is labne similar to cream cheese? do share if you have easy baked / chilled cheesecake recipes... :) thanks!
  11. C

    Cheese travel question

    Is this a new thing in the last five yrs or was it always there? I wasnt aware of it before and we have all monies paid as last few yrs as well as annual fees etc. Why do they not allow cheese when traveling but sausages and bacon? Strange!:dooh::dooh:
  12. gerald

    Say Cheese

    The beaches near the southern town of Alanya, one of Turkey’s most visited tourist destinations, will now be kept under surveillance by 16 high-tech security cameras...more
  13. S


    Hi, was wondering if there is a sub for Parmesan cheese? It's expensive here and I've been using quite a lot of it. I am starting to feel the pinch..... :( TQ!
  14. S

    Ricotta cheese?

    Hi, is there a local cheese that can substitute ricotta cheese? I need it for my lasagne but couldn't find it in my area. :( Pls help.... Thanks!
  15. lara

    For Cheese and Chocolate Lovers:)

    Philadelpha have just joined forces with Cadbury's and brought out a Chocolate Cream Cheese, a little bit of heaven in a tub. I don't eat either Chocolate or Cheese but will be trying this in a cheesecake for the Grandkids.
  16. B

    cream cheese

    Hi all you clever cooks!! Can you get cream cheese in Turkey? Or can someone suggest an equivelant to use for the topping of a carrot cake? Many thanks.
  17. L

    cheddar cheese available in marmaris

    The Import Shop ( near The george and dragon pub) has real cheddar in stock, kerrygold irish cheddar, only 31.50 a kilo. Thought I would let you all know. Also xmas mincemeat .
  18. Lyndsey

    Banana Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting.

    Banana Cupcakes Makes 12 x Large cupcakes Ingredients: 200g (7 oz) plain flour 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 3 large bananas, mashed (MUST be very ripe, preferably black) 150g sugar 1 large egg 75g butter, melted Topping: 100g softened butter...
  19. Minajayne

    Something like cottage cheese...

    A neighbour made something ( i cant remember the name) and dropped it in for the kids. We all loved it...and although i asked her how she made attention span was more focussed on the kids painting each other with felt pens and the baby crying...! It looked and tasted like cottage...
  20. L

    Cottage Cheese and Spinach Bake

    Cottage cheese mixed with vegetables and baked in the overn makes a pleasant light bake that's good for lunch or a light supper. The flaked almon topping adds a lovely crunchy cotrasting texture but could of course be left off if you want to save a few extra calories. Serves 2 Calories 245 in...
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