1. E

    Banks in the uk checking tax details.

    Has any one had letter from their uk bank asking for tax numbers .?
  2. A

    Checking the Tapu and Iskan

    So I just went to check at the relevant offices in Istanbul for these two documents. The Tapu office wouldn't release the Tapu and said it is with the owner but confirmed the name was accurate and there was no problem with the home. We then asked if they would release the Tapu if a solicitor...
  3. H

    Checking hold bags through.

    We're flying Manchester to Istanbul on 5th Feb, staying in Istanbul for a night and flying to dalaman the following evening. To get the flights times that we wanted we have had to book "multi city" flights. Does anybody know if we can check our bags right through to dalaman when we check in at...
  4. Y

    Checking apartment

    Hello everyone in Akbuk. I have a new apartment in Akbuk, But i wont be out again till next year.So i am worried about it being left for so long without it being checked on. I know the weather can be very bad over the winter months. Is there any service out there that can be trusted,As I've...
  5. Squeaky

    Spell checking with Firefox

    Good afternoon: I notice misspelled words in some of the posts and wonder if others might not have noticed a facility in Firefox. Of course, many others may not use this browser. For some time after I began posting on forum I would notice that a word I had just typed would show a wavy red...
  6. R

    Easyjet Website Down, link for checking flight status here

    Main Easyjet website has been down for hours, but here is the link to check if your flight is still going .... Flight Departures Checker
  7. L

    re checking

    can anybody tell me the laws regarding my furniture is it temp or is pirmitley has i have to get permtion to keep it in this country every time i renew my living pirmit if i don.t i get a fine of 150tl dose anybody have the same problem :27:
  8. gipsybabe

    Checking the ownership of a property

    Interesting from Today's Zaman: Checking the ownership of a property- BERK ÇEKTİR
  9. T

    Credit Checking in Turkey

    Does anyone know if there are any Credit reference services/companies in Turkey please?
  10. P

    Errors when checking reputation

    When looking at the reputation that people have left, if you want to click on the thread and post to which a particular piece of reputation refers to I get the following error; Warning: array_merge() [function.array-merge]: Argument #1 is not an array in /global.php on line 337 Warning...
  11. L

    Checking out a company

    Reading some of the threads today in this section, and I wondered if anyone actually does any checking before employing contractors/entering franchises? Take for example, two simple weblinks which I can't seem to post, probably because I have no history... Anyway the first clearly states on...
  12. A

    Checking status of tapu without a lawyer

    Hi All I apologise if this has been brought up elsewhere Our lawyer is not very proactive to say the least and we are constantly chasing him for progress of our 2 tapus on our 2 apartments. The first one is 6 months in progress and the second one had to applied for again due to certain...
  13. Martyn

    Keep checking British Airways

    for flights. The prices are changing daily, a few days ago I got two return flights from Gatwick to Izmir for £98 each for September. Those same flights are almost double now. This has been happening in recent months with the yoyoing of prices, by checking often you can make big savings. I...
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