1. juco

    Check your temperature for virus.

    From NHS.
  2. IbrahimAbi

    Check your First aid box

    For out of date stuff, before you need it. I am not talking about recently outdated, we are really not too bothered about sell by/use by dates, but there sre limits. i had a bit of a tumble in our field the other night in the dark. It was aided by a few Efes and the gardener moving a log so that...
  3. S

    Easyjet check in

    Easyjet check in. Easyjet are not accepting printed boarding pass at Antalya airport possibly Dalaman too. You have to queue up show your boarding pass and be checked in at the desk and you are then given a ticket to proceed. I have no idea why but I did get a text a few days earlier. However I...
  4. K

    Buying property and Military check?

    Hi I have two properties in turkey which I am looking to sell in the coming months . I then wish to buy another. My question is do I have to go through all the military clearance again before I get my Tapu ?
  5. S

    Reality check

    Before Engerland line up against lowly Lithuania can we please have a football reality check Unfortunately England fans or to be more precise the English football press are laughed at around the globe at the way they get so carried away with a result They will beat Lituania. They may hammer...
  6. Lez Zetli

    Pegasus online check in rejected!

    I've been trying to check in on-line for a flight from London to Istanbul, something that I've done many times, but this time it says "On-line check in rejected for passenger xxx". I've tried several times and it's working for my Turkish internal flight. Has anyone experience of this and did it...
  7. C

    How to find a Turkish Lawyer Information

    Hey, I realized that some of forum users having trouble with finding their lawyers current contact info. Also its better to check if he/she is a registered lawyer or not. Check this video to find your lawyers information on
  8. B

    Check your easyjet flights

    Re: EasyJet flights Compliments to easyjet . I am flying stansted to Dalaman out 13 April back early may. Flight has gone down 18 pounds . Called Ezy and they sent m vouchers worth 20 pounds within 3 minutes chatting . All helpful and not a moments hesitation . You guys might wish to check your...
  9. T

    Check Your Chocolate Folks!

    Mars are re-calling some products across 55 country's after plastic was found in some; full details in link: "The products recalled were all made at a factory in Veghel, in the southern Netherlands, and then exported abroad, the AFP news agency reports. A piece of red plastic was found in a...
  10. beyazbayan

    Ladies check your pulse
  11. Sunny Seasider

    Manchester Airport Easyjet Check In.

    We travelled with Easyjet to Sofia yesterday and experienced their new Chech-In procedure. You place your own case on a separate scale and scan your Boarding Pass, it then prints out your hold baggage ticket with the weight of your case printed on it, .(after placing your baggage ticket around...
  12. Kingfisher

    Company check website for Turkish company

    I am wanting to check out a Turkish company (solvability, assets, directors etc.) and I am looking for a similar website to Endole or Company Check. Could anyone help please?
  13. L

    How do you check your correct address for Residency Permit?

    I've been told you need to check with NUFUS to ensure you use your correct address on your residency application. Does anyone know where and how to do this for Dalyan address? Cheers
  14. R

    Vehicle history check

    Heard there was a way to do a vehicle history check. Anyone know how? And what does it tell you? Thanks.
  15. hayabusa

    Check Blance credit on Turkcell SIM card.

    Hi, Does anyone know how I can check balance credit remaining on my Turkcell SIM card on my Phone ?....... Man in Turkcell shop did tell me, but I am not in Turkey currently and just want to check.
  16. T

    TLF Shop - Security check failed.

    When going to the TLF shop and I click sell it says `Security check failed.` is that because I am a new member?
  17. L

    Health Check

    Hi all, I was told a couple of years ago the Can hospital in Alanya did for a short time a thorough medical check at a very good price does anybody know if they are doing it again in the future?? or if not what sort of price is it?? also I was told if you have an ikamet and show it at a private...
  18. altinkum kev

    Check the latest updates

    Check this especially the driving licence bit. And it is bang up to date.
  19. L

    Moving to Turkey - Reality check needed

    Hi all hoping I can get some real advice on moving to turkey :) Myself, my husband and mother in law are wanting to move abroad and Turkey has been brought up, altho I have been on holiday here a few times and love it i would like to know the reality of living here. We wouldnt need to work as we...
  20. A

    Eye Check Up?

    Does anyone know where I can get my eyes checked out in Side or Manavgat and get a good pair of glasses? I know there are lots of opticians about but I need a proper eye check up - and hopefully someone who speaks English - thanks -
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