1. N

    Cheating Turkish boss

    Hey, this is actually a question on my fiances behalf, she is Turkish btw. We are battling with her boss this week because... well... hes a lying, cheating thief to put it nicely. She started working for him 9 weeks ago and he told her he would pay her 1000tl for the first month which would be...
  2. ted j

    Wii tennis cheating

    I play wii tennis regularly and noticed about 2 weeks ago that the game had been altered , the top 2 players were a lot harder to beat , now considering that their skill level is 400 and 500 points below mine, (me being on the top score) I contacted Nintendo about it, asking them if they...
  3. Firefox

    Cheating wife killer

    It seems honour killing is not only confined to the backwards cultures of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kurdistan. It can take place in educated white affluent middle class British culture it seems honour is a deep feeling within a every human being and has no boundaries. Here -...
  4. ceemac

    Cheating wife to pay reparations to husband

    The last paragraph of this report is a gem... 'A local court in the southern province of Antalya has concluded a woman must pay reparations plus annuity for her two children to her husband because she cheated on him, daily Radikal reported yesterday.' Here C
  5. shirleyanntr

    todays word is about cheating

    the word for being conned is dolandırmak..and a conman is a dolandırıcı...doll-an-dır-a have been warned! there are many words in the dictionary which are used to define the english word deceive...trick cheat con etc..but the best one to convey this is dolandırmak kandırmak can also be...
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