1. peter the postie

    How can I call a Turkish landline cheaply?

    I need to make some calls to Turkey. I'm on Virgin so what is my best option?
  2. H

    how cheaply can you eat

    In this time of rising food prices, shrinking budgets etc. has anyone tried as an experiment to see if they can feed themselves on about £10.00 per week this is purely for food, no holes barred where you buy it from or if you forage or nick a bit from passing trees ie. in U.K. where we live...
  3. ceemac

    Building Safer, but Cheaply, in Quake Zones

    That a modest earthquake in eastern Turkey on Monday took dozens of lives (probably many more than today’s estimates) speaks to the importance of basic information on safer construction for masons, mayors and builders in seismic hot zones in rural regions as well as fast-growing cities. Here C
  4. J

    Does cheap apartments mean cheaply built!

    We are scanning the turkish property market and know that certain areas are more expensive than others. But my question is are the properties built in Altinkum that range from 20 -30K really well built. We have family in Bodrum and they suggested to us that any property for that price must be...
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