1. G

    cheapest flights this month?

    Hi Turkish airlines fares seem to have doubled! what are the cheapest flights from the uk to Bodrum for dec or jan?
  2. oldfogy

    Which is the cheapest area from Bodrum

    Still on the quest for finding ways to get to a destination as CHEAPLY as possible. (must be the Scottish blood in me) Ok, as some of us know, it's sometimes possible to book a package holiday for even less than the cost of a flight only. So my question is this, which resort/area do you know...
  3. E

    Cheapest place to buy TV in Yalikavak

    Where is the cheapest place to buy a TV ours has died
  4. V

    Pegasus cheapest in Europe

    Turkey's Pegasus Airlines is the cheapest airline in Europe in a new survey, which also puts it 7th cheapest in the world when taking into account its 20kg baggage allowance in the ticket price. Pegasus named cheapest airline in Europe | Mail Online
  5. T

    Cheapest time to book a flight

    According to Cheap Air the cheapest time to book a flight is 54 days before you are due to travel. When is the best time to book for cheap flights? 54 days before travelling, according to CheapAir - AOL Travel UK
  6. L

    Cheapest Rental Car in Altinkum

    Hi, who generally is the cheapest for renting cars in Altinkum pls?
  7. L

    Cheapest in Turkey?

  8. L

    Cheapest Health Insurance for resident in Turkey

    Hi Folks, Can any of you give me info about the above please? Cheers Lisa
  9. arrian

    Cheapest places to buy abroad

    this shows a list of foreign properties to buy cheaply. Turkey is third, but i've seen properties for sale much cheaper than stated here. or is Bodrum a more expensive place to live? For a cheap home abroad, head for America! - Yahoo! Finance UK
  10. L

    Which is Cheapest?

    Looking to buy some JD, which is best place to get it, duty free at English airport or the shop at baggage reclaim (Bodrum).
  11. D

    cheapest place to buy single beds?

    can anyone point us in the right direction for a good deal on 2 single beds (new)? we are on attaturk bld.
  12. S

    Spain is cheapest for hols in 2011

    Spain named cheapest holiday destination for 2011 - Yahoo! Travel UK
  13. Yogi

    UK's Cheapest Streets - Buy a house for 15K

    Looks like Burnley or South Wales are the places to buy cheaply and you aren't averse to the odd burglary or 2. ------------------ Britain's cheapest house is on the market and could be yours for just £15,000. Burnley's Pritchard Street plays home to Britain's cheapest house — a two bedroom...
  14. D

    Turkish Will - any advice on the cheapest but most realiable way to get one produced?

    Hi all, We really need to do this this year, but are reluctant to use just anyone as so many so called solicitors are so dodgy out there. Has anyone already got one and would recommend the company they used? Also, can you advise of the approx costs we would be looking at to get the final product...
  15. Andy

    Cheapest UK Sat Nav £40

    ROADCOM RC410 GPS Sat Nav System | Dixons |
  16. karios

    Cheapest 4 food Gumusluk

    Hello, Can any of you tell me where to go winter or summer to get the best priced food, would it be a market or a supermarket. Gumusluk area? Someone told me that Migros don't deliver to the area in the winter anymore. thank you:thanks:
  17. N

    The cheapest and best place to live 1 year

    Hi! I am 25 years old and I am thinking to going to live in Turkey for half or 1 year. My plan is to rent a room in a sharing apartment. I like seaside places and I need internet access for my work. Which places do you think have the lower living costs and are nice to live? I am thinking...
  18. Andy

    Cheapest PAYG sim card

    Free Pay As You Go SIM Offers: The picks of the bunch. (Suggest deals) Overall cheapest calls & texts. Giff Gaff (Inc 50% off sale) Mobile provider Giff Gaff, while officially a PAYG sim only provider, offers top-up bundles which are as good value as some contracts. Plus it's current 50% off...
  19. B

    Where are the cheapest and the most expensive properties in Turkey?

    I know location determines property prices all over the world. For example, a near identical 3 bed semi in London or the south east of England could set you back about 5 times the price of the same one in a comparable street up in say Manchester or Liverpool. So what are the cheap and the...
  20. D

    Baby's High Chair Needed- Cheapest Shop?

    Hi all, I arrive next week and one of the tasks I am assigned is to find a high chair for the grandaughter who arrives on the 5th August for two weeks. We saw them in May for about 120 TL up towards the town, which we thought was a bit steep so we left it. Any ideas if I might find one cheaper...
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