1. bickern

    China offers to build a cheaper, faster HS2 - Five years

    China has offered to build a cheaper, faster HS2 service in just five years, it was reported last night. British officials are in talks with Chinese counterparts about getting the high-speed rail project back on track. Beijing claimed it could build the line by 2025 for less money and with...
  2. S

    Cheaper booking flights?

    Hopefully this may help a bit...
  3. Marirabbit

    A cheaper way to bringing your pets to Turkey

    Hi, I'd like to get peoples views on bringing pets into Turkey using Turkish Airlines. We are moving permanently to Bodrum in October so over the last couple of months have been searching for a way to transport over our two cocker spaniels. I've spoken to several airlines who told me that they...
  4. newhorizon

    Oil Drop Means Cheaper Fares as Turkish Air Seeks Expansion

    Turkish Airlines (THYAO), the carrier that flies to more destinations than any other in the world, will use oil’s drop as an opportunity to cut prices, expand its destination map and increase market share, its chairman said. Promotional tickets targeted at budget-minded travelers will help lift...
  5. suzyq

    Cheaper British Passports

    All overseas passport now issued in UK. Savings to be reflected in lower passport fees from 7 April. £83 for an adult, £53 for children. Please check the website before applying Overseas British passport applications - GOV.UK Renew, replace or apply for an adult or...
  6. maggie

    Cheaper U.K. calls to Turkish Mobiles.

    Spikko | Facebook Dont know if this is of any use to anyone. Hugs Maggie xx
  7. altinkum kev

    New lower fees for Turkish Residence Permits

    Cheaper residency permits are expected to be announced as early as may.according to Voices newspaper today.
  8. juco

    Honestly charging you more is cheaper

    I received this email from virgin....How to charge me more and make it sound the opposite.......... So I have to pay £1 more, but there is good news...... But I dont fekcing well get a paper bill.
  9. Martian106

    Who's Cheaper

    Tansas OR Migros...Votes please......:hmm::hmm:
  10. S

    Cheaper football on tv

    The cost of watching live football is to drop by around 20% Cut-price Sky Sports deals could be available by start of next football season | Media |
  11. ceemac

    Greek crisis could bring cheaper cars to Turkey

    Turkey could import vehicles from the EU at relatively lower prices following a recently announced EU and International Monetary Fund (IMF) joint rescue fund for Greece, which suffers from a severe debt problem, sector representatives argued. Here C
  12. ceemac

    TV Sport To Get Cheaper

    BT looks set to kick-start a price war with rivals over TV's top sporting events in a move that could slash the cost of watching football and cricket. Here C
  13. KKOB

    Cheaper Turkcell Kontors

    Following on from the thread in the Banking, Finance and Insurance Forum it's now become clear that probably the cheapest way to buy Turkcell Kontors is via their website at TURKCELL - en . Once...
  14. Andy

    Cheaper Broadband - UK

    New Cheapest Broadband. £4.99/month with big download limits. There's a rash of new, hot, standalone broadband deals. Cheapest Standard Deal: Sign up for the already best-buy £5.99/month Plusnet Value package via comparison site Uswitch* and you get 3 months free; bringing the avg. cost over...
  15. ZiaCa'

    Cheaper Flights and lower emissions round the corner?
  16. B

    Does not get cheaper !! Turkey from Uk will be band 2 by the look of it...£45 pp surcharge..hardly encouraging.
  17. dalid69

    Cheaper to Drive ???

    :hurt: Hi everyone as you may know i have driven to the UK and back from Turkey before and now need to go back early next month,the cost of a flight today is around £235 each so i am seriously contemplating driving back to the Uk to save money!! how daft is that,at least on my return i wont have...
  18. Andy

    Places to go, the're Cheaper here

    Don't know what to do when the kids are having their summer hols or somewhere where you have wanted to go but found it a little expensive. Press the back arrow for places to visit in your area. Alot of the offers here are 2 for the price of 1...
  19. P

    WOW! - You can get a holiday cheaper than a flights

    I just got a mailshot from XL and one thing jumped right out at me. In their offers they advertised a flight only promition and a holiday promotion to Turkey and the advertised holiday was £154 and the flight £165. Thats £11 cheaper to book a holiday with accomodation than for the flight only...
  20. peter the postie

    Are flights cheaper than usual?

    Are they cheaper this year? .. I have made 2 bookings for 2007 in the last week and they were incredibly good value compared to the flights we had this year. We fly Manchester - Bodrum so see what you think.... First one was a First choice flight on 18th june for 3 weeks. I got this one for...
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