1. Firefox

    Hugo Chavez

    Freedom Fighter, Revolutionary, Friend of the London poor & mayor Ken has sadly passed away, RIP Hugo
  2. bobthenob

    Livin' As A Chav

    "OK" think of the Beverly Hillbillies tune while you are reading this converted poem of mine. I wanna tell you a story about a family of CHAV’S that enjoys sponging off others because they think it is a laugh. Then one day they came up with a thought and it didn’t take much for their brains to...
  3. shirleyanntr

    are you a chav?

    i ve asked the question what is a chav..kkob said do a search..i did and came up with how many of these chavs are on the forum The Chav Test chav Chavs. They have a uniform, they almost single handedly keep Stella Artois in business, and if it wasn't for them, JD Sports would have...
  4. Peaceplant

    Chav Overdose in Gumbet

    Whenever my nieces visit we always do Gumbet once or twice. Sort of compulsory for entertainment value alone. They are 15 and 19 and totally oblivious to the Turkish boys thank God or can you imagine what it would be like with my hubby batting them off them for 2 weeks:) We took them to a music...
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