1. bickern

    Two cats having a chat

    Well I did say two cats having a chat, listen and see if you understand what they are saying. Now watch and listen to the translation. Was your translation the same? LOL.
  2. Sunny Seasider


    A few of us GG's have been attempting to go for a wee chin wag in the chat room tonight, without success. Any advice as to why we could not connect :(
  3. S

    Chat thread

    Very few use the chatroom so if people maybe just wanna have a yarn heres a chat thread!!!! Headroom, how's things going???

    Jen's chat room

    Can anyone tell me what goes on in here ...and who frequents this part of the forum....surely its not any type of virtual hanky panky!:moonie:
  5. bbplayer

    Jen's Chat Room

    I'm exploring the web page and I found something called Jen's Chat Room. It looks fun to use? Does anybody use it? Are there occasional meetings and so?
  6. H

    Chat show horrors

    I recently have had to spend extended time at home and to my eternal shame started watching chat shows, Jeremy Kyle in particular Blimey where do they get these guests!!!! Plus why do guests ALWAYS refer to their infinite offspring ( paid for by everyone else) with the phrase " regardless...
  7. bickern

    General Chat

    I have moved some off topic stuff here.
  8. S

    Hello again, long time no chat

    Just saying hi again and thanks for helping me out a few years ago, and wanted to update you on my progress. I'm living in Turkey now and am married, and it's not nearly as bad as I thought it would be those years ago. Look forward to talking with you guys again.
  9. suzyq

    Dangers of Children in Chat Rooms

    I just read this and was horrified, Schoolgirl, 13, 'lured to hotel room by WOMAN paedophile she met on the internet' | Mail Online
  10. basic

    Akbük Chat

    There is an opportunity to put your issues,wants and requests as Akbük residents tonight Wed Sep 8 at the Akçed camper stand behind the new Migros at 20.30,i believe that this is for ALL Nationality's who live in the area.Organised by the Akbük Kültür ve Çevre Derneği (AKÇED):438qr:
  11. C

    f/book chat problems

    Hi,,, I wonder if anyone can help? When I'm on facebook just one of my friends is not showing up as being online when she is,,,,,(if you understand what i mean),,,,,,so I carn't get her on chat,,,,,everyone else is showing as being online as normal. She says that on her computer,,,some of her...
  12. arrian

    chat room???

    has the chat room gone on the blink, or am i the only one going in?? nobody else has been in today only me!!!! :19::19::19:
  13. Trevor

    the chat room

    reet you lot, i am restarting the friday neet chat room soirees, this friday 8pm on -10pm turkish time - i will tell brusandra to get her backside in there and jeanne too. pass the word lol trev xx
  14. angiesco

    Chat room.....

    does anyone use it? I can see that some of us have had a look and had a talk to ourselves!LOL Maybe we could arrange a chat time, just to say hello. Angie.
  15. Mushtaq

    Chat room removed from main forum page

    I have removed he chat room from the forum home page, because it slows down that page and not everyones uses the chat room. The Chat room is still available from the left menu.
  16. L

    Long Time No Chat

    Hi All Laurie here again, (was registered as chaznannie before) not been on the site for a long time, Dawn has been unwell and unable to travel. On the mend now and getting more mobile. See a lot of new names on the forum, and a few I recognise. Be great to catch up with a few of you...
  17. Lynda

    Hello....long time no

    Hi to all those that know me and those that are still waiting ( he he) "I'm back" - now who said that ...and in what film? OMG wandering off topic already.........oops I hopefully will have a little more time to visit and contribute on here now that our first season is behind us. Thank goodness...
  18. luckystar

    Is there a general chat board?

    Am i blind? maybe just old and past it but nevertheless i ask....... Is there a general chat board?:4:
  19. Germaine

    Another chat thread

    Personally i'm looking at Turkey as a long term investment. Sit on it till i dont have to pay Capital Gains Tax. By that time there should be a significant hike in property prices. Hopefully make a few quid in rent along the way and get some enjoyment out of it myself. Ms Who will correct me if...
  20. J

    fancy a drink and chat?

    Hi, am arriving in turkey later this week and will be in diddim /bodrum area to view some properties with parador homes.Myself and my daughter and wondered if anyone is free for a chat or drink really would like to meet an expat who has taken the plunge.anyone free please message me.many thanks...
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