1. Mushtaq

    Russia may ban charter flights to Turkey over tourist safety concerns

    Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency Rosaviation has warned the country's airlines of a possible ban on charter flights to Turkey, citing a "complicated political situation.". According to the head of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) Maya Lomidze, the restrictions are not yet...
  2. T

    Yacht charter

    Hi, I am fairly new to Istanbul but have been visiting this Forum for a short while so felt it was about time I registered. I have sold my small boat in the UK but would really like be able to occasionally charter a small sailing boat for the odd day or potentially weekend, ideally, from around...
  3. M

    Charter Flights - why can't you get just one way?

    Hi Does anyone know why Charter Flights (Thomas Cook) are only available return and not one way? I am looking for a one way flight going from London to Bodrum on 18 April 2011. Thanks
  4. janA

    aegean flight or private charter???

    My mum has just flown over for a holiday with us with aegean flights today, flying from Humberside to Dalaman there were 3 passengers an the plane including her, is this a record.
  5. T

    Bringing Domestic Goods into Turkey via Regular Charter Flight

    Hi, I am new to this forum, and looking for some advice on bringing domestic goods into Turkey. I have bought a 4 bed villa in Dalaman, and have bought all the large items of furniture locally, but I want to bring from the UK all the small electrical items such as toaster, kettle etc (as I...
  6. ceemac

    Marmaris Yacht Charter Show

    Marmaris Yacht Charter Show is being organized annually by the Marmaris International Yacht Club in May. 29th Marmaris Yacht Charter Show will be held between 9-13 May this year. The invitation is open to all yachts and to all yacht charter brokers. C
  7. Leo

    Boat Charter

    Hi Neighbours, I am coming over at the weekend for a while, and would like to charter a boat. Not interested in the Robinson's stuff, cos we want to get something small & traditional for a day or two. Anyone got any ideas and/or contacts? Cheers Leo.
  8. I

    Gulet / yacht cruise private charter

    Hi Can anyone recommend either a private gulet cruise or yacht cruise company based in Bodrum area for approx a 4 day charter (not a full week) at the end of August ? The boat is for a private charter for 6 people, so nothing massive, ie 40 - 50ft. Cruising area Gogova or Datca Although I...
  9. yalimart

    charter flight drinks prices

    a bit of a spin off from another thread but can any one say what the charters are charging for drinks this year, ie gin and tonic, vodka and coke ? trying to do my calcs as to who we fly woth later in the year. martin
  10. R

    Dublin to Antalya Charter

    Hello to our Irish members. My son who lives near to Dublin and his girlfriend want to come out for my wife's 60th on or around October 18th.Do Irish tour Co. operate direct Antalya flights at that time of the year.If anybody knows of one that has done so in the summer then I would try them and...
  11. A

    Gulet Charter

    Hi I am a life/business Coach and I have set up a company that delivers retreats. I would like to offer 7 day retreats on a gulet and would like to know if anyone has information on Charter companies in the Fethiye area, most seem to be in Bodrum or Marmaris. I would be looking at a large gulet...
  12. K

    Flight change - Charter flight/Gold Trail

    Hi All, We booked with Charterflights to go to Bodrum from manchester, flying on the 15th May. The other day we had an e-mail saying we would now have to go on 13th May but as it was more than 12 hours difference they were obliged to offer us a refund. Before accepting we had a look on...
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