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    Is Side losing it's charm?

    Have been on holiday in Side since 1990 and the big businesses are taking over (affordable places to stay). This year we stayed at Sun City hotel/apartments and was not impressed. It appears that except for a very few places the charm is disappearing fast as money is more important than Turkish...
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    Dalyan losing its charm

    Am I the only one to wonder what is happening to the Yesil Dalyan we all loved? It is losing its charm now as has been uglified by orange traffic cones everywhere and neon lights on shop and restaurant fronts which make it all look so cheap, frenzied and tacky! Plus all the huge noisy coaches...
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    Tapu for charm

    Following on from talk of scams on another thread heres some tips if you wish to get easy dosh/ Tapu from British /Irish ladies of a certain age on hols in Turkey Saoirses Rogue guide 1 Go for the oldest you can stomach. Dont be afraid to consider 70+ 2 The uglier the better. Doesnt matter...
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    Akbuk...Will It Lose It's Charm?

    Having bought last year in the (we think) idillic Akbuk, my wife and I have been discussing a few points. We would like to hear your views. One of which is do you think the charm of Akbuk will be spoiled in a few years with constant building and development? Bearing in mind that many express...
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