1. S

    Giving to charity ain't easy!!

    Was trying to give away- 2 3 piece suites, perfect nick 1 55 in TV 11 months old 3 other TVs all perfect nick Wash MC 11 months old Freezer 1 year old Condenser drier 18 months old Tried 4 charities. No takers for anything Won't take electricals, won't transport furniture They prefer just...
  2. D

    Charity's Celebrity Endorsed.

    I don't know about you but these TV Charity Adverts that are Celebrity Endorsed, are now getting seriously on my Nik-Naks. Talk about pulling at your 'Heart Strings'. What I want to know it just where all of the 52BILLION Foreign Aid given by the UK alone went too..??? To me it's like that...
  3. S

    Charity Shield

    Trying to talk myself into some interest in this pointless encounter thus have been attempting to dig out previous stats. For long enough wasn't there a hoodoo that the winner of the CS never went on to win the League that season????- or did I make that up
  4. A89

    Donation of clothes etc for refugees or charity

    Does anyone know how we can donate things for refugees or is anyone wanting clothes / bedding/ Bric-a-brac for a sale? I'm having a clear out and was hoping to donate them to a charity shop here but its too far for me to get it all without transport. alison
  5. A

    Old bras for charity please

    Do you have any old bras you could send to this charity please = Recycling Scheme Against Breast Cancer Leatham House 13 Napier Court Barton Lane, Abingdon, OXON. OX14 3YT
  6. K

    Charges on Charity Donations

    This little story popped up yesterday. Just Giving took a £20 million commission on the donations we gave via the website last year, and the boss took a £200,000 salary, according to their accounts. Apparently they took more than 6% on the donations. In all £440 million was generated via the...
  7. L

    animal charity stall

    Is there still someone who runs a stall in altinkum for an animal charity,we have sold our apartment and we will have some things to donate if they do
  8. juco

    Charity blocks donations for homless man

    Remember the story a couple of months ago about a homeless man – Mark Collins – who helped a desperate young woman when she was stranded in Euston over*night after missing the last train home: Homeless man steps in to help girl left stranded after missing her train home It was a such a...
  9. mollag

    Charity thief.

    Best I can say about this guy is that he has plead guilty, otherwise stealing from a charity for your gay boyfriends dance club is the lowest of the low. If it was a "Yoof" stealing a collection box we could understand the outrage and a custodial sentence would be in order. Now this guy is a...
  10. F

    dvd's being sold for charity

    We have maybe 1000 DVD's at the office. İ want to sell them to raise further money for the bursary's at the Coşku school. They are 6 for 1TL. İf anyone wants some come to the King Emlak office next to BİM.
  11. T

    Charity Commission: GB investigated for terror risks

    William Shawcross, the chair of the Charity Commission, warns that money donated by the British public may already have been sent to Islamic State fighters, as the watchdog opens cases on 86 aid groups at risk from extremists The government’s charity watchdog has launched a series of formal...
  12. I

    IWAI Charity Food Festival

    Date: Saturday 20.09.2014 from 11 to 14h Location: St. John the Evangelist's Anglican Church, Izmir/Alsancak (if you type in google maps St. John Kilisesi, Izmir you will find it) Parking: paid parking is next to the church Food: Dishes from 26 different countries will be served. Australia...
  13. stepwolf

    charity shops in Bitez or Bodrum area?

    are there any charity shops in bitez/bodrum? my mrs loves them (cant move for books here), and last year in turunc she found a "cat rescue", honest. its run by a lovely couple from bridge of wier a few miles outside Glasgow.
  14. Gill

    Charity Sales Stopped

    Yalikavak Dostlari Second hand Charity sales are finishing. OUR SECOND HAND CHARITY SALES -- CLOSING DOWN!! EVERYTHING MUST GO!! JUNE 14th 11am - 1pm Bodrum Belediye (who are are in charge) are taking back the premises we store our goods in. We have to vacate tand hand the keys back on Monday...
  15. Yildez Datca

    Animal Charity Market

    There will be a market tomorrow, in aid of the street dogs, outside Blue Moon Cafe - on the far side of the harbour - from 11.00am, although some of the stalls set up and start earlier. There will be the usual BBQ food, luscious cakes made by the German ladies, craft stalls, second hand stalls...
  16. A89

    Animal shelter charity group.

    I'd like to share with everyone some information about a new (I think) animal shelter/charity in Alanya. Not sure if the link will work, if it doesnt will someone kindly tell me how I can share it here...
  17. R

    Charity Breakfast at Ulas

    Charity Breakfast at Ulas. Have you seen the best view in Alanya and been to the most beautiful beach here? Its all you will find in Ulas which is situated at the entrance of Alanya city near new Marina. Alanya International Club ( Mahmutlar Friends International) invites all its old and new...
  18. M

    Volunteering / charity work Alanya area

    Hi I have recently moved to the outskirts of Alanya does anyone have any contact info for local charities that may require volunteers? Thanks Miranda
  19. O

    Charity reggae night this friday at Zero Nine - Altinkum

    On Friday (5th July) we are having a Reggae Party in Altinkum. Tickets are 25 lira and include Rum Punch & Caribbean buffet. The event is in aid of 'Dont let the children cry charity' and starts at 8pm. Tickets are available from the venue which is Zero Nine located just behind 'My Turkish Home'...
  20. A89

    Charity Fete Sun 3rd March

    There will be a charity Fete on Sunday 3rd March at the Elegant Apart Hotel at Damlatas, 1-4pm. Proceeds will go to the street cats and dogs. There will be the usual stalls and raffle and also tarot reading. To get to the hotel, if approaching from the centrum, by the shell garage turn next...
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