1. G

    Phone question & Vodafone UK charging £6 per day

    :hmm:Please Can anyone tell me wheather I should get contract or pay monthly sim for my phone and which one to get and how much should I look at paying.
  2. suecheshireuk

    Garanti ATM now charging to withdraw £

    Just a heads up to let people know there is now a 2.5% charge if you want to withdraw Sterling from a Garanti ATM, I'm sure more banks will follow. Bit of a pain for those of us that withdraw Sterling from or UK accounts to convert to TL. xx
  3. J

    Charging interest on maintenance debts

    As with many sites in Turkey there are some owners on our site who persistently run high debts and do not keep up maintenance payments. The condo law allows site managers to charge interest on outstanding debts and we would like to implement this to incentivise owners to pay on time. section 4...
  4. 1

    Problems charging Ipod

    I am having trouble charging my Ipod nano, the problem is random, sometimes it charges, sometimes it doesn't! When I try to charge on my mac, the device is not recognised, so I tried to charge via the mains, again nothing, so I tried charging on my docking station, no joy! So, I tried another...
  5. A89

    Ipod 4 charging

    Ive been told that if I charge my ipod touch 4 on a laptop that doesnt have my itunes on it that it will cock up (technical term) all my music. Is that right? Going to UK for a week and only have the laptop USB charger, my itunes are on my laptop here. :hurt: Alison
  6. suecheshireuk

    Garanti charging commision

    We are just back from a few day's in Kusadasi, and went in to the Garanti there to exchange some sterling and we were told they now charge 1% commision, we have an account with them and they girl behind the desk said it's a new thing. Has this happened to anyone else???
  7. juco

    Honestly charging you more is cheaper

    I received this email from virgin....How to charge me more and make it sound the opposite.......... So I have to pay £1 more, but there is good news...... But I dont fekcing well get a paper bill.
  8. T

    Nationwide charging Flexaccount

    Nationwide is going to charge 2% when you use your flexaccount card at the ATM's plus £1 if you take foreign currency. it is due to start on 1st November:hurt:
  9. kennynsue

    Charging For Water

    Hi folks, Heard and rumour and don't know whether it's true or not but I've been told it's going to cost approximately 550YTL to be connected to the new sewerage system (per house) Has anyone else heard anything? Cheers
  10. M

    water charging

    Hi we have a semi villa whu=cih is part of an 8 villa site. The site has been finished for nearly a year now but no sign of tapu.s But my main question is the way they are charging us for water and electric. They tell us they are still on builders rates therfore charge us what they want ie for...
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