1. B

    Overstay charges

    My STRP expired on 20 Sept 2020 and although a renewal application was lodged on 18 Sept and now the earliest date for appointment is mid November. I have to leave on 5 November so will abandon the residency but has anyone paid the overstay charge when leaving.
  2. V

    Alex Salmond cleared of sex charges

    Scotland's former First Minister has been cleared of all sexual assault charges - including attempted rape - by a jury in Edinburgh.
  3. Harem

    SGK and Prescription charges

    Normally my prescriptions are "free" (apart from sometimes having to pay 6 lira because I have had an appointment at the hospital) but on Thursday when I went to the chemist to get my prescription I was told that SGK are now not covering prescription charges for foreigners and I had to pay in...
  4. S

    ATM charges

    Whats the story thesedays in Turkey re ATM charges Using a Uk card Santander, Nationwide which Turkish ATM has lowest charges
  5. A89

    Translator charges

    Does anyone know what the usual fee for the translator is when selling an apartment? Is it the same as when buying? My friend recently paid 500tl in the tapu office when buying. He was with her 2 hours max. Also does anyone know what the Belediye valuation fee is please? alison
  6. Harem

    Charges at ATM's for drawing Sterling

    It seems that almost all the banks are now charging varying percentages for withdrawing Sterling from their ATM's. What is the alternative so as not to lose too much from our measly pensions?
  7. J

    Bank Charges

    Hi - what banks do people use here in Turkey. We are being charged to withdraw money from our English bank and also by the Turkish bank we are drawing it from. It is approx 700 pounds per year! We use Santander. Any suggestions please. Thank you.
  8. mollag

    Lord Ahmed charges.

    Not to pre judge this serious accusation and charge, but if a person of his standing was found Guilty, then big jail time, punitive fines and stripping of Royal Honours would seem to be the least acceptable punishment IMHO. By the By he was one of T Blair's appointments, suspended from the...
  9. V

    Isbank GBP charges

    Isbank has started charging a fee to withdraw GBP from its cash machines, following Garanti's decision to charge last year. Isbank is charging a flat fee of £4 per transaction whatever the amount of GBP you take out. However it has also dropped the daily amount you can take from £500 a day to...
  10. B

    118 call charges rip off.

    118 numbers introduced in 2003 following deregulation. You can almost hear it " free market competition will make it more efficient and will drive down prices" Oh dear now having to introduce cap because of rip offs. What a surprise. Let's look at other successes, public utilities, public...
  11. bickern

    Plastic bag charges coming to Turkey

    The ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) on Nov. 13 submitted a draft law to the parliament updating the regulatory regime for packing and waste proposing the ban of free plastic bags at supermarkets. The regulation is planned to be effective as of Jan. 1, 2019. AKP Deputy Chair Mehmet...
  12. N

    toll charges

    hi travelling from uk to turkey for the first time by car.passing through HungaryRromania ,bULGARIA AS WELL AS OTHER EU ROUTES can anyone please tell me about the toll charges along the way and how they are they take cash or do i have to buy a card?do they accept credit card and can you...
  13. juco

    Directory enquiry charges.

    Must be years since I used this facility, but............ How the cost of 118 calls varies, for a 90 second call! Telecom2* £19.98 Hello Maureen £11.23 118118 (TNUK) £11.23 118500 (BT) £3.10 Yell £6.88 118180 (Virgin)** £2.25 118402 (O2) £1.88 Post Office £1 * A very small percentage...
  14. B

    Gas & Electric Charges

    Hi All, I am coming out to Turkey soon and would like some information regarding heating and fuel current charges. I will need to have a supply of bottled Gas for my Combi Boiler due to a change in the supply of bulk fuel and I was wondering if there was a different rate and, or delivery cost...
  15. E

    SGK hospital charges for foreigners explained.

    I came across this article which helps to explain SGK hospital charges for foreigners, especially in relation to chronic illnesses. Local hospital charges for foreigners explained · Kalkan Turkey · Kalkan Weather · Kalkan Information · Kalkan Map · Kalkan Turkish Local News
  16. L

    Izmir port charges for release of furniture

    Hi can anyone advise me what costs we are looking at if we want to collect furniture from a container at Izmir port? As in taxes , release fees etc?
  17. Freedom 49

    Postal Charges From Britain.

    This morning, as usual at this time of every month, I went down to the PTT to pay both mine and my daughter's internets, telephone, electricity & water bills here in Side. At the same time, I posted 10 x A5 Christmas cards out to Britain giving them every chance to arrive late November or early...
  18. RedBloodedHound

    Hillsborough Charges.

    Long time coming; day of reckoning. Ex-Ch Supt David Duckenfield faces Hillsborough manslaughter charge - BBC News
  19. I

    Maintenance Charges

    We are considering purchasing a property and are coming over soon for viewings. The one we really like has a maintenance charge of 600tl per month. That seems a lot to me but any comments/opinions from owners already paying this would be gratefully received.
  20. N

    Toll charges

    Hi everyone Travelling from uk to turkey by car this summer for the first time Where and how can pay for toll charges specially in turkey
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