1. Tenpin

    White people charged $10 more than people of colour

    Festival that charged white people $10 more than people of color backtracks on ticketing policy. Imagine the outrage if this were the other way round.
  2. bickern

    Supervised offenders charged with violent crimes rises 21% - UK

    Supervised offenders charged with violent crimes rises 21%. The number of offenders charged with serious crimes including murder, manslaughter and rape while they were being monitored in the community has jumped by more than a fifth in a year, the Guardian can reveal. There were 627 serious...
  3. T

    Barclays Employee's Charged!

    Charges relating to the 2008 financial collapse & subsequent bail-out of banks are now being enforced. My first thought was 'about blooming time!', but then I heard a discussion in which it was said that (not verbatim) "all the other banks paid their fines & no criminal charges were brought"...
  4. bickern

    school girl charged for sexting

    To be honest I am really mixed up on my views of this. I do see the protection element because we all know what ex-partners can do but if they did put someone on the sexual offenders register I think it a step too far. ------------------------------------------------- Officers warn underage...
  5. Carolyn

    Rolf Harris charged

    Sad, but true..... Of all the things crawling out of the woodwork after Jimmy Saville I hoped there was a mistake with Rolf Harris. BBC News - Rolf Harris charged with indecent assault on girls
  6. spitfire

    Kevin Webster charged with child sex offences

    The coronation street actor Michael Le Vell better known as Kevin Webster has tonight been charged with 19 child sex offences including rape! Is there no end to the ever growing list of perverts??
  7. suzyq

    Tia Sharp's Body Found

    Absolutely disgusting and good questions raised in the article. Why did it take so long for a thorough search of the house at the centre of the inquiry to take place? How have the police allowed one of the key figures in the disappearance to flee after being questioned twice by detectives...
  8. bickern

    Recep Cetin's father charged with Dinsmore murders

    The father has been charged; the truth will hopefully come out as to what truly happened. Shannon Graham must be in bits over this. If the father was involved then the question has to be why he did it and does it mean it was premeditated? ********************************** The father of a...
  9. Firefox

    Double Murder Charged

    A Lithuanian man 37 has been charged with the murder of these 2 model couple with a Policemen son discovering their murder that emotionally gripped me in the past 10 days in Birmingham. BBC News - Avtar and Carole Kolar: Man charged with murders
  10. Mary

    Duchess of York charged over Turkish film made

  11. gizmo

    Guilty as charged!!

    Advert at start of video but keep watching - very funny Disobedient dog can't hide his guilt
  12. P

    John Terry charged.

    BBC News - John Terry to be charged over Anton Ferdinand race row In light of todays charges John Terry's not been as nervous since he heard Wayne Bridges car pulling into the driveway half an hour early.
  13. peter the postie

    Homeowner who stabbed burgler not to be charged!

    At last some good news from the justice system :) BBC News - Vincent Cooke not charged over death of alleged burglar
  14. N

    Is it legal to be charged for kitesurfing?

    Hi, I just recently stumbled over this forum and since I live and work in Marmaris I wondered if I could get some advice from anybody living close by. On my free days, I often drive to Gokova (Akyaka) to go kitesurfing and this year I was charged 10TL from a man employed by a private company...
  15. R

    Tax charged on savings account interest

    :114mf: Having just checked the interest after the first month of setting up a TL savings account, I see they charged 15% tax on the interest. Due to age, poverty and general decrepitude, I am below tax threshold in UK. Is there any way round it in Turkey ?
  16. Squeaky

    charged with adultery

    Good evening: Some time ago there was a lot of noise on this forum about PM Erdogan when the AK Party proposed making adultery a criminal offense. If my memory serves me well it was suggested that this proposal was the beginning of the end and that sharia law was just around the corner...
  17. L

    Guilty as charged

    Did he fall for this,I dare say the civil liberties brigade will call entrapment and try to defend him.So how safe are children with these types on the street...
  18. S

    7 Charged re "Coup"

    BBC News - Top Turkish officers charged over 'coup plot'
  19. v6cod

    Three MPs and one peer to be charged over expenses

    Only four charged!!!!! BBC News - Three MPs and one peer to be charged over expenses
  20. ceemac

    Harry Redknapp Charged

    Tottenham Hotspur football manager Harry Redknapp has been accused of a £40,000 tax evasion. Here Damn, must be a week's wages that for 'Arry C
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