1. butt007

    SGK monthly charge

    As most foreign residents living here have to pay SGK. We pay 426liras per month. Well, this afternoon went to pay at the PTT our monthly payment that covers me and my wife. And lubbly was only 142liras for this month. I suppose that is because it is Ramadan at the weekend...
  2. R

    Hitch selling - Charge on property

    Nearly sold our apartment, buyer has informed us they have been told by Tapu office that there is an outstanding charge on our property for 4000 TL for 'varif seri' . Translation is 'foundation series' which Google picks up as a series of sci-fi books. We are going to Tapu office tomorrow to...
  3. D

    Monthly charge AYDEM

    Could somebody tell me what the current AYDEM standard charges are please monthly . We would be empty for winter ,nothing on electrics so what would be the monthly charge for service please left empty . Also is there different tariffs that are say low monthly fee and higher used units or vice...
  4. B

    Israel/Palestine murder charge

    Two Israelis charged over West Bank arson attack - Al Jazeera English I just hope that the full force of the law comes down on these Israelis. Bill.
  5. RedBloodedHound

    NHS to charge Ex-Pats?

    Overseas patients face charges for emergency healthcare - BBC News Quote; "All visitors to the UK and British expats are charged 150% of the cost of non-emergency NHS treatment in order to discourage people travelling to the UK just to use health services - so-called "health tourism". Quote...
  6. oldfogy

    What % do Emlak's Charge

    I know it's probably a bit of a 'how long is a piece of string question', but is there such a thing, or what might be a normal or average % an estate agent takes for selling a property. Obviously I appreciate they want as much as they can get, (just like a seller) but I'm thinking there has to...
  7. bickern

    BBC 'could charge for iPlayer'

    The BBC could start charging for the iPlayer online catchup service as George Osborne announces a £650 million raid on the licence fee. The Chancellor warned the broadcaster must make a "contribution" to dealing with the deficit, and would have to pick up the bill for free TV licences for the...
  8. G

    bars that have music and dont charge double the price

    hi heading out to alanya this day 2 week and would love to have a bit of craic some music while having a drink but i was in the queens garden and the price the charge for drink is too much dont mind paying a bit extra but not double if you know of anywhere please share thanks ann
  9. Spurs

    How much to charge?

    Just been round to a friends house. There was a debate going on about a sons "keep", not an argument but it was comical. Their son is on 24K per year, not married & 29 years old. Likes the "play up" & basically lives a good life. His Mom does ALL the Mom things, cooking, cleaning, washing &...
  10. Mushtaq

    Egypt summons Turkish charge d’affaires over Erdogan comments

    Egypt summoned the Turkish charge d’affaires to Cairo on Sunday over comments Islamist Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan made, questioning Egypt’s ability to end the latest Israeli offensive in Gaza. On Friday Erdogan called Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi an “illegitimate …...
  11. Mushtaq

    Silvio Berlusconi cleared of underage prostitution charge

    The former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has been acquitted in an underage prostitution case. The decision by judges at a Milanese court reversed the seven-year prison sentence handed to him when he was convicted last year. At the time, the 77-year-old was found guilty of paying for...
  12. jandj

    No charge ATM withdrawls?

    Over the past years we have used Nationwide and Santander to withdraw cash from Turkish ATMs, because there was no charge. Can any member please let us know if their UK based bank operates a similar system. Thanks in advance
  13. suzyq

    SGK approves regulation allowing private hospitals to charge 200 pct in extra fees

    The Social Security Institution (SGK) has approved a regulation that will increase the percentage of extra fees charged by private health institutions from 90 to 200 percent. The regulation, which was prepared at the beginning of October by health officials, was passed by the SGK on Tuesday...
  14. W

    akbuk council tax + sewerage charge

    Can anyone please advise as to whether council tax has risen substantially over the past 12 months in Akbuk. I am suspicious re my charges this year and wonder whether they have put a charge on for the proposed sewerage which I thought had been shelved for now. Always suspicious of Belediye...
  15. C

    Akbuk residents 1000tl charge

    According to voices, 28,000 residents in Akbuk will be charged 1000tl to pay for the new sewer system, reputed to cost 34 million tl. The scheme will depend on a 50% bank payment and government agreement.
  16. peter the postie

    Monthly charge for refuse collection & sewerage?

    We have an apartment in Altinkum. Has this already been discussed on the forum? Dear Owner, It has come to our attention that the Belediye (Council) as of 1st June have put in place a monthly charge for refuse collection & sewerage. This will be charged every month irrespective of water...
  17. L

    unpaid aidet/service charge

    Hi can anyone advise me? I own a home in Turkey but I have lost my job in UK so have fell behind with my charges and now own £500 The site manager has said that if I do not clear this within 2 weeks he will take it to a solicitor and they can actually take my house surely this cannot be the case...
  18. Lillylilly

    Kindle and Android Charge UP?

    Hi as this forum is full of usefull and sometimes useless information:blink: I wonder if anyone knows if by plugging my android Sanfrancisco phone charger (also fits my LG cookie) into our kindles will it blow it up or anything. It does seem to work I think and some info on the net says people...
  19. D

    annotation charge on property

    I have recently been told an annotation has been placed upon my apartment and I will have to pay to have it removed before I can sell. According to the site lawyer this is happening all over and affecting lots of people> Has anyone had any experience of this or can anyone offer advice?
  20. Yogi

    A third of universities to charge standard £9,000 fee

    Is this fair? I'll encourage my kids to go to a Scottish Uni for nothing (if they go). -------------------- More than a third of England's universities have had their plans to charge £9,000 for every course officially approved. Some 58% will be allowed to charge £9,000 for at least some...
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