1. teosgirl

    Female and male students living together 'against conservative, democratic character'

    POLITICS - Female, male students living together against our character: Turkish PM Yet again meddling in peoples morality. Apparently cohabiting is against the Turkish conservative, democratic character. That's right, making a personal decision about who your housemates are is against...
  2. H

    defamation of character

    can anyone help. can you sue in turkey for 'defamation of character'? or will i have to persue this in the uk? i am so fed up hearing tales about us from a certain 2 people. [they tell anyone who will listen] I dont want anything out of this I just want their lies to stop. people who have...
  3. Martyn

    Interesting character

    He was that, a 6' 6" cross dressing mountaineer. You won't hear those words often in the same sentence. Chris Dale - Telegraph
  4. L

    Character string

    I am trying to send my daughter an email but yahoo is asking me to verify a character string, how do I adjust my computer so that I can read the string? (Have not been with yahoo long, used to have virgin but not available now we are in Turkey,not liking yahoo very much!)
  5. D

    Turkish character set test.

    Şş üÜ Ğğ İi Iı Çç Öö Günaydın Nasılsınız Çok iyiyim, teşekkür ederim İyi akşamlar sağ olun That worked :) You can insert the symbols within word or use character map. A bit slow but if you don't want to set up Turkish keyboard its ok.
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