1. G

    live tv channels

    Hi I cannot connect to any live tv channels all of a sudden, uk turk, or filmon tv, I can stream movies etc, but get a msg saying that my link has been blocked!! so no bbc or itv channels at all. I have made sure my router setting for smart tv is off. (i am in the uk at present) it says I should...
  2. R

    Best satalite box to buy to receive UK channels

    We have just arrived in Didim and looking to buy satellite box to receive UK ITV And BBC channels to view our favourite programmes. Can any one recommend a company or person who can install and set up for us. There is no WiFi in the complex so IPTV not an option as yet. A simple digi box at a...
  3. Carolyn

    Digiturk International News Channels

    Morning all! Turned on the tv earlier to catch up with the news only to discover that all of our international news channels have vanished. I've tried retuning the box and all the other stuff seems to be alive and well but today seems to be a no news day - has anyone else got the same problem?
  4. gally

    Hotbird channels

    Hi, can anyone tell me what english channels are available on hotbird? I've been told I can get quite a few but not sure what they are. I'm in the Side region. Many thanks for any info. :roundgrin
  5. G

    FTA Channels on D-Smart HD Box

    Hi, I wonder if anyone knows what English channels you get on D-Smart HD box when subscription no longer in force. I had package which I did not renew last year. This gave me HD versions of various channels + the ordinary channel. Should I still get ordinary channels Discovery, Animal Plant...
  6. uncle fester

    FilmOn to disrupt TV with new streaming channels Hi maybe this link may help,looks like where only going to recive BBC 1 & 2 ITV 1 and CH 4 & 5
  7. J

    Lost Digiturk Channels??

    I subscribe to the economy package from digiturk which gives me channels such as BBC entertainment, E2, CNBCe and VH1. Everything was working fine last night but just put the tv on now and none of the above are available, only turkish channels?? Has anybody else experienced this problem? Thanks
  8. G

    New Channels on Daves Server

    Hi All, This is to inform everyone on Daves server that there are now new channels available...there are basically 8 new channels of which No.1 shows a mixture of Bbc1 , Itv which includes all the soaps, x factor and more, No.2 shows a mixture of itv2 , ch5, comedy channels and more. No.3...
  9. paddington bear

    Digiturk hd channels yok

    Was just watching the Olympics on Digiturk HD channel 371 when it went off. Hubby has reset the box but all HD channels have gone :faint2: anyone else with this problem? Sue
  10. G

    Daves server new channels update..

    Message from Dave about new channels Hi all Recently sky have been moving channels around on the satellite, which has no real bearing on your tv viewing other than some LIVE BBC feeds are now available. These are not bbc 1 but are the interactive channels from bbc that all the uk enjoys,,, so...
  11. altinkum kev

    Free TV channels! BBC1 ITV1,2+3 Plus loads more

    Yes it works here in Turkey and the quality is great. FilmOn | Streaming Movies | Hulu | Live HDTV Shows Online | Videos | Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
  12. gally

    Can I get UK channels with a 90cm dish

    Hi all I live in the Manavgat area, east of Antalya and west of Alanya. I have been told I can get 'free to air' channels and dont need to get a digiturk package, and should be able to pick up some 'regular' UK channels (like ITV, BBC etc) with a 90cm dish and receiver, tuned to the Hotbird...
  13. P

    English Channels in Turkey through the Internet?

    Hi All, We are moving to Istanbul On June 10th to work, once we have sorted the villa i want to see if i can get english itv,bbc through whatever "dish,Internett" has any one done this in Turkey or is it not possible. Please help if you can:16vf:
  14. N

    sky sports channels

    any body know were can get a good stream of sky sports channels please .
  15. N

    tv channels altinkum

    has any body in altinkum got any english channels still working through baff 3 dish system with dishes relined if so what channels are working please.
  16. V

    Digiturk Changes

    Digiturk have today made quite a lot of changes to the location of various dont panic if you dont find your favourite one straight away! For example, all the news channels have changed to 130 - 146 , whilst the music channels are on 100 - 116, things like National Geographic and...
  17. bobthenob

    Multi Channels

    The modern age of multiple choice of a thousand channels to watch on the telly should give you non stop entertainment of what you like to see.But really, all these satellite boxes with the promise of all these wonderful movies and comedy shows are nothing but either repeats after repeats or just...
  18. C

    British Television channels

    Hello All Can anyone advised which Television channels they get and with which sat dish or company and prices etc.. All info appriciated! Thank you in advance Jayne x
  19. M

    Can we get Turkish channels without satellite or internet?

    Hi, I am actually living in Ankara, Turkey. I came here on 1st of October, 2009 for two years of graduate study in The University of Warwick. I came here with my wife and two and a half years old son. We rented a house in Coventry. At first, we thought we don't need a TV because we were...
  20. D

    uk tv channels and digital system

    hi all. Newcomer seeks advice on what tv system suits my needs best! Like uk news progs and all sports.Am told that you can pay 45 tl per month or a one off 550tl for Sky!! Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated
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