1. Camden

    Children lost in the English Channel

    It was only a matter of time till we had our own Tragedy, that we saw unravel on the beaches of Turkey two children 5, and 8 are dead today in the Channel ..... Our Government Priti Patel and the French should putting effort into rounding up these Traffickers from both sides of the...
  2. A89

    channel 5

    Anyone unable to watch on channel 5 od today? alison
  3. A89

    no channel 4 thro VPN

    Is anyone else unable to play channel 4 through their VPN today? All other channels playing fine but 4 loads the program and then wont play. Tried varıous programs but it doesnt want to play at all. Alison
  4. A89

    channel 4 on demand

    Is anyone else having problems watching channel 4 on demand today? It plays but its stopping and starting and really jerkey. Its been the same all day. Tried all the usual, restart everything, emptied cache etc. run CCleaner. No change.......annoying!!!!!!! alison
  5. martin m

    streaming channel

    Hi Someone tipped me of about this today "Mobdro", its an app for Android,(apple no good), and amazingly once loaded through your browser on your phone you can get almost ANY tv station, all the sky sports 1,2,3,4, BT, and so on, that means any football, Boxing, I tried it today and sure enough...
  6. bickern

    BBC have YouTube channel for watching content.

    The BBC have a youtube page, they put videos and stuff on there but not full TV shows. Might be of interest to some. :ukflag:
  7. N

    Jewellery channel (UK)

    I've recently been introduced to the jewellery channels on TV and I have to say it's very tempting and looks convincing. Has anyone ever bought anything? I've been sitting here watching but have resisted so far.
  8. newhorizon

    What Channel shows F1 and Motorsports in Turkey?

    Last week I was in Turkey and wanted to watch the F1 Monaco race live after much searching on a friends satellite I found it in in german on a channel RFL I think. It was ok but there were ad breaks in between. What channel do you folk who live in Turkey watch Formula 1 on? Can you get SKY...
  9. jandj

    English cross channel ferry

    This footage of an English Channel ferry, shows it being dramatically run aground at Aliaga breakers yard. This is the same yard that The Ark Royal and HMS Invincible were broken up. Aliaga is 10 miles north of Yeni Foca and 40 miles north of Izmir Turkish boat crash Crazy Turkish scrapers...
  10. A89

    Channel 4

    Does anyone have much success watching channel 4 on iplayer from Turkey? I get so sick of the dialogue not matching the film that I cant watch it and doesn't seem to matter what I do or which browser I use. Ive tried restarting my modem, clearing the history, using google chrome, firefox ...
  11. bickern

    Channel 4 is to have a month-long daily broadcast of the Muslim call to prayer.

    Sometimes I am left flabbergasted. Bearing in mind the times will alter throughout the UK as to the exact timing of the call to prayer, this is an absolute joke. ---------------------------------------------------------- An insult to all faiths: Channel 4's plan to air the daily Muslim call to...
  12. B

    Digiturk channel E2

    Is it me or are the adverts gone to silent mode or I have got my settings wrong? Language is set to original ?
  13. B

    Egypts new news channel.

    Is it just me or do you find this funny? Now for the new-look news: TV studio in Egypt staffed exclusively by veiled women Stationed in a small apartment in the working class district of Abassiya, Maria TV is to be launched this weekend The channel will be broadcast for six hours a day on...
  14. jandj

    Channel 4 coach trip

    Love it or hate it? Anyway on UK TV this week, the travellers cross from Bulgaria to Turkey. Tuesday - Edirne Wednesday - Turkish wrestling Thursday - Istanbul Channel 4 5.30pm
  15. jandj

    Channel no 5 advert

    UK Tv has an advert for Channel no 5. It shows the Orient Express and Istanbul. I enjoy it and thought I'd share it. Merry christmas to all.
  16. N

    channel 4 catch up

    As anybody been able to get this channel 4 catch up in turkey through vpn if so pls share imfo.
  17. N

    catch up channel 4

    cant seem to stream any ideas please?.
  18. lara

    Programme on tonight ...Channel 4

    Just caught this, looks interesting. Started at 8pm and it's called, Civilisation; Is the West history.
  19. SLEEPY

    New english tv channel

    For those of you with Sky/dreambox TV there is a new channel called Sky Atlantic been launched tonight at 10pm(Turkish time). At 11.00 there is a new series starting called Boardwalk Empire set in the USA during the prohibition era with Steve Busicemi. Do not miss it, one of the best shows...
  20. Harem

    TNT channel

    We receive TNT through Turksat. Please can anybody tell me where I can find programme schedules relating to the channel we receive? Thank you
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